Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A WOMAN that abides in the conduct of her creator gets through life via the power of prayer, worship, meditation and most of all faith. Eyes plasterered toward the hills from whence comes her help. When life and it's unsweetened- dispositions are coursing, her posterity is unchanged. Un-affected by ebb & flow. She simply becomes a harp, magically embracing her posterity of natural Grace, Love, and giving. Taking no account of what her possessions are. It is no wonder she renders the Un-free perplexed of her stance. This I understand. Therefore... Easily, I forgive your aims of misconduct. I Bless you well. Oh yes.. I bless you well that you may come to know freedom from this type of mental slavery. For only in bondage can one act so unkindly toward an Angel of the son of man. My soul sends prayers upward to one greater than all on your behalf. (C) 2013 Logicalpoetist/InkedLogicPatterns INC.

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