Monday, August 31, 2009


Two eyes only see what is physical.
They cannot see the unseen
Inner being I call my third eye
see,It guides me, and drives me
like a sports car drives it's owner
or a donor shares a piece of themselves
for the survival of another.

In this world we are not alone.
We are not supposed to
underfeed the next being but,
instead take care of our own...
Says the Supreme being-

Homeless men, barefoot women
got that way from lack of bread
and lack of living
Laboring for little of nothing
Some served in the military
then abandoned after the foe

A soul requires more laughing,
less grieving.
How can people breathe when
there is so much pollution
and Suffocation,Back biting and hating?

I hold these acts attributable
to all men, we're all responsible
to do something
Some sit in a penthouse
eating organic grains,
sipping fine wine,
racking their brains about
stock gains

Never concerned about
those in the cellar,
slumped over with stomach pains
sleeping outdoors on
infested mattresses during
snow,sleet,and Stormy rain.

On television the underprivileged
exposed to beg the public
for financial gains.
Many do give but, are the ones
with not much on our own plates.

They say seventy cents a day
can buy food and school supplies
then why are these impoverished children
still crying, still, UN-nourished

Why are their parents still dying
Why is the underlying problem still,
an unsolved equation, Why-

Millions of dollars sent to
organizations each day,
families still wither away.
I have to say.. What's going on?
First said by Marvin Gaye;

"Mother, mother there is far
too many of you crying,
far too many of you dying."
"You know we've got to find a way;
To bring some loving here today.

Thirty-five years later,poverty
still in the same communities.
Wealth remains in the same suburbs.
Two eyes only see what is physical,
they cannot see the unseen.

Inner being I call my third eye
see, it guides me and drives me
like a sports car drives it's owner
or a donor shares a piece of themselves
for the survival of another.
Why is the underlying problem
still an unsolved equation-

(C)logicalpoetist September 1, 2009

Pay Attention

A really good friend of mine told me once,that when something is met to be it happens with ease. At the time,I was very excited about moving to the State of Arizona. I questioned though,if it were God's will for me.

Well I found an amazing property and seemingly,the job transfer looked like a go.
Something inside of me felt still unsettled despite that, things thus far looked pretty good.

I asked this friend of mine what he thought of my leery. He replied that, "when something is for you; All doors will open with ease and you will know that it is supposed to be..."

Long story short. An array of frustration began. Things were just not working out. My employer had no problem supporting my transition but,not for a few more months. I wanted to go immediately. At least within the next 30 days.
As I was speaking to my good friend, I expressed my frustration with the reversal of,what had started out well. I looked at how things had become tangled and were no longer sailing smooth. All with in a short time period things just changed.

Another friend said "Najai,just because it cannot happen now;Does not mean that the answer to your desire is NO..." It could just mean not now.
I began thinking about what both friends said. It all just made sense.
The entanglement was igniting stress the more I, kept. Trying to make it work despite the circumstances.

The suggestion of "not now" was an easy fix if I'd exercise my own belief."
I said to myself "peace be still..." I decided to wait...

More elaborately; I believe that my God loves me so much that, he will never allow me to tread into troubled waters. Only if I force his delay or his no, do I find myself in a dilemma.

Now after sharing all this let me say to you. God's delay is not necessarily a NO.
If you believe that your God loves you so much that, he would never allow you to tread into troubled waters then; re-think the reason why something may not be going the way in which you'd like it to. Humans are creatures of desire. we want what we want, when we want it.

This my friends is what gets us into trouble.

We must listen to our advisers, mentors, family, and friends. Most importantly, we must pay attention to circumstances. When something does not seem to be happening smoothly, PAY ATTENTION! When your gut instincts are feeling leery, PAY ATTENTION.

When we PAY ATTENTION we save ourselves a lot of disappointment and heart-ache.
Today I listen to the people close to me, and most of all I evaluate the process of my own attempts, and determine if I am forcing something to be.

I don't know about you but, I don't like to get off of God's plan for my life because it's like walking into a field of wild dogs while blind folded. God's will, not mine be done,

I encourage everyone to think about this message. Have a Great Day and as always,

Be Blessed...

(C)Copyright logicalpoetist August 31,2009