Monday, August 31, 2009


Two eyes only see what is physical.
They cannot see the unseen
Inner being I call my third eye
see,It guides me, and drives me
like a sports car drives it's owner
or a donor shares a piece of themselves
for the survival of another.

In this world we are not alone.
We are not supposed to
underfeed the next being but,
instead take care of our own...
Says the Supreme being-

Homeless men, barefoot women
got that way from lack of bread
and lack of living
Laboring for little of nothing
Some served in the military
then abandoned after the foe

A soul requires more laughing,
less grieving.
How can people breathe when
there is so much pollution
and Suffocation,Back biting and hating?

I hold these acts attributable
to all men, we're all responsible
to do something
Some sit in a penthouse
eating organic grains,
sipping fine wine,
racking their brains about
stock gains

Never concerned about
those in the cellar,
slumped over with stomach pains
sleeping outdoors on
infested mattresses during
snow,sleet,and Stormy rain.

On television the underprivileged
exposed to beg the public
for financial gains.
Many do give but, are the ones
with not much on our own plates.

They say seventy cents a day
can buy food and school supplies
then why are these impoverished children
still crying, still, UN-nourished

Why are their parents still dying
Why is the underlying problem still,
an unsolved equation, Why-

Millions of dollars sent to
organizations each day,
families still wither away.
I have to say.. What's going on?
First said by Marvin Gaye;

"Mother, mother there is far
too many of you crying,
far too many of you dying."
"You know we've got to find a way;
To bring some loving here today.

Thirty-five years later,poverty
still in the same communities.
Wealth remains in the same suburbs.
Two eyes only see what is physical,
they cannot see the unseen.

Inner being I call my third eye
see, it guides me and drives me
like a sports car drives it's owner
or a donor shares a piece of themselves
for the survival of another.
Why is the underlying problem
still an unsolved equation-

(C)logicalpoetist September 1, 2009

Pay Attention

A really good friend of mine told me once,that when something is met to be it happens with ease. At the time,I was very excited about moving to the State of Arizona. I questioned though,if it were God's will for me.

Well I found an amazing property and seemingly,the job transfer looked like a go.
Something inside of me felt still unsettled despite that, things thus far looked pretty good.

I asked this friend of mine what he thought of my leery. He replied that, "when something is for you; All doors will open with ease and you will know that it is supposed to be..."

Long story short. An array of frustration began. Things were just not working out. My employer had no problem supporting my transition but,not for a few more months. I wanted to go immediately. At least within the next 30 days.
As I was speaking to my good friend, I expressed my frustration with the reversal of,what had started out well. I looked at how things had become tangled and were no longer sailing smooth. All with in a short time period things just changed.

Another friend said "Najai,just because it cannot happen now;Does not mean that the answer to your desire is NO..." It could just mean not now.
I began thinking about what both friends said. It all just made sense.
The entanglement was igniting stress the more I, kept. Trying to make it work despite the circumstances.

The suggestion of "not now" was an easy fix if I'd exercise my own belief."
I said to myself "peace be still..." I decided to wait...

More elaborately; I believe that my God loves me so much that, he will never allow me to tread into troubled waters. Only if I force his delay or his no, do I find myself in a dilemma.

Now after sharing all this let me say to you. God's delay is not necessarily a NO.
If you believe that your God loves you so much that, he would never allow you to tread into troubled waters then; re-think the reason why something may not be going the way in which you'd like it to. Humans are creatures of desire. we want what we want, when we want it.

This my friends is what gets us into trouble.

We must listen to our advisers, mentors, family, and friends. Most importantly, we must pay attention to circumstances. When something does not seem to be happening smoothly, PAY ATTENTION! When your gut instincts are feeling leery, PAY ATTENTION.

When we PAY ATTENTION we save ourselves a lot of disappointment and heart-ache.
Today I listen to the people close to me, and most of all I evaluate the process of my own attempts, and determine if I am forcing something to be.

I don't know about you but, I don't like to get off of God's plan for my life because it's like walking into a field of wild dogs while blind folded. God's will, not mine be done,

I encourage everyone to think about this message. Have a Great Day and as always,

Be Blessed...

(C)Copyright logicalpoetist August 31,2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shortest Distance BetweenTwo Points

"How far is the distance from frustration to freedom? It is as short as the journey of choice." The more I am a part of this beautiful universe. There is an increasing understanding of ones ability to choose.

There is a certain freedom in simply deciding not to stress a situation. A person, a place or a thing. Whatever it may be.

Life is a never ending change of events. Occurrences are not new and neither is it's current when certain events are taking place. To an individual that is feeling life's pinch a problem can seem so huge. Why? Because it is a thorn they themselves have not removed from their own side.

Most times it is we ourselves, that is causing the pinch of life. Simply, by not submitting to the power of of choice.

Choice carries power because we can choose to "Let go and Let God." (whatever you may call your higher power)you can, give away your frustrations to it. Just like an old pair of shoes that have served their purpose.

It is never a Long walk from frustration to freedom. We ourselves choose the distance when we wrestle against powers and principalities.
At any moment we can simply rest our cares upon the Lord. I have found that the journey is lengthy only if we do not.

For the man or woman that does not have a relationship with spirit God (whatever you may call him)

-the "trudge in life seems all uphill."

Just thinking about the climb when, one chooses to carry their burdens makes me exhausted. A good friend of mine Pastor Paula White, did a skit once on her televised ministry in an effort to demonstrate to her congregation and viewers, how we slump when we are carrying our own cares.

Paula narrated her point as, her assistants loaded heavy bags on each others backs. While they were adding to one an other's loads she spoke to a variety of issues. Each issue was representative of a load.

Each load in turn; represented some of peoples real life (stuff)issues. As the assistants piled more and more onto one an other's backs, you could see how the bags were beginning to weigh them down and slump them over. Picture a severely hunched back man or woman.

As I watched her demonstration from my own television. My eyes were opened. I could see these demonstrators looking weary and tired. I got it! The more we pile on in our lives the more we choose to carry and not cast; Greater is the contribution we make to our aging process and distract from our power and peace.

It was very evident that we ourselves are responsible for our own tire and frustration. At any time we can choose to take off our loads and hand them over to a power much greater than ourselves. I call him GOD...

The point here is not to encourage my belief upon any one but, rather to open minds to the option that one does have.

No one is exempt from the challenges of life. We all have them. They may differ in actual experiences however, challenge knocks on every ones heart.

Remember that you can always answer. You can say hello problem, today I release thee. I will carry you no more!

Sometimes we feel isolated in our experiences. We take on a mindset of thinking that no one understands... Sometimes we simply feel ashamed of our status because seemingly other's are better off.

We stare at an other's success instead of seeking our own.

However one may feel; The truth is that we all have the same concerns. There really is nothing unique about yours.

No matter what you call your God or higher power. Prayer itself is a spiritual and practical act. Praying for the courage to let go is essential. Humans hold tight that distorted comfort of familiar pain. Why? Because they've become so used to it that it begins feeling normal to go through changes.

Today I share with you that the distance from frustration to freedom is simplified by the leverage of choice-

You change the distance of your journey on the road of frustration when you choose to put down your luggage. You are now on the stylish road of freedom.

Best of Blessings

(C)logicalpoetist August 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Uncircumcised Eyes

Uncircumcised eyes
Sunset am I
suffocating by fire
elevating higher

Raging storms, thunder
internal fires
Light ashed remains
confront unmet desires

Heart never stops beating
bleeding ambition
released inhibition...

never impossible
perseverance incomparable
dances with

It began with substance
of something hoped
Visions of things unseen...

Supreme being defines
this as faith
Believing blindly
inconsiderate of circumstance,
just believing

Historically spoken
faith without works
is dead. Had to get to
working, goal setting

Nourishing the dream
eating the manna
feeding the UN-fed
awakening daily
repeating again and again

Eyes shut, never asleep
the dream always alive
made up mind always drives
life lived
through uncircumcised eyes

(C)copyright logicalpoetist August 28,2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passion and Purpose

The question was asked.. How does one know there purpose? So many people have asked themselves this question. The thing that makes sense to me is that your passion is; what you should be doing. The result of living your passion is your purpose.
We are all given certain gifts.. Some one's gift may be as simple as talking. Most of us have heard the expression "having the gift of gab." If some one utilizes there articulate ability correctly then talking could earn them a very comfortable lifestyle. Yet if one discovers their gift of gab and uses it to gossip then they are making no positive investment and actually wasting their breath.

Another person may have a physical gift such as painting, or writing or building something. If one does not expound upon their gift then it is simply wasted talent.
I believe that we always know the thing that we were born to do. Unfortunately however many people are afraid to go after what is in their heart.

I've written many passages about FEAR. I think that word stands for forgetting encouragement and running.

Somewhere along the way a parent, a teacher or a peer saw something in you and encouraged you to do something big with it. The question to ask yourself is did you forget the encouragement that you were given and run away from achieving your success.
The reasons that people do this is that they doubt their ability to become great, to be successful.

If you do not believe in you. It really will not matter all the people that do. People cannot do for you what is met for you to do.

I want to encourage anyone who is asking themselves what their purpose is to take sometime to sit down with a pen and a sheet of paper and write down the things that you are very good at. Then cross off all the things on your list that you are not passionate about. Being passionate about something means that it makes you feel good inside like nothing else can.

You may find that you have more than one thing that you feel passionate about. If this is the case then narrow down your soul search a little bit more. Rate your passion in terms of which do you feel the most and least passionate about.
(1st,2Nd,3rd and so forth) Refine your list as much as possible.

This will allow you to see exactly what you love the most. Sometimes people are multi talented but, may be more in love with one talent more than the others. The key to understanding what you should be doing rests in how what your doing makes you feel inside.
In doing what's in your heart you are following the direction of your life. You are on your true path.

<When you are on your path your purpose changes from a question in your mind to an impact in others lives.

No one can answer for you what you already know. The question is not what is my purpose.. The real question is; "am I living my passion?"

If you can say no to this then, the next question is why? The saddest answer is I don't know... Take sometime to think about it and be honest with yourself so, that you can spend time living and stop wasting time wondering-

(C)copyright logicalpoetist August 27,2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Lord calls for HIGHER LIVING What exactly does that mean? It means that where ever we are in our current lives. Whatever our status is or is not.

The Lord requires more of us and desires more for us.

I truly believe that the exercise of faith is equal the letting go of all inhibitions. I believe that if we really could feel the soar of flying without care for falling that we would be living in our true calling.

Yes I believe this... Today I wanted to plant the seed of this same belief within you the reader and... again within myself. I pray that you read, plant your own seed and reap your own harvest. It is possible...

It is Written-

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 25,2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

He reminds me

The world is never real until a new life enters it. Somehow as we grow older we loose our sense of innocence. Our sense of respecting ourselves and others. Not all of us but many people do. When a new life enters the world it is a reminder, a trip down memories lane. It is an opportunity to witness innocence all over again.

There is a little fellow who is just six and a half hours old as I write this.
I saw his picture in the raw and so, many things went through my mind. How pure he is, how beautiful he is, how UN-influenced he is. The thoughts went on, "he is so dependent and vulnerable." He is so innocent-

I thought about all the children. All the children of today. The thoughts ran in reverse through my mind. The children are all clothed inappropriately; sagging pants that reveal their underwear to the entire public. They are impure because many of them speak foul English and slang as a regular language. Therefore, their looks lose points no matter how cute their faces are.

The children are influenced by poor role models, some which are their own parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, preachers. "I call out what I see!"
Our kids are NO LONGER innocent because many of them are guilty of horrible things.
I looked at Baby J and I thought to myself... Who will you become?

I believe that if you offer a child to God and; you raise him in the way he ought to go all will be well. Grandparent is an amazing role. More importantly it is a responsibility. I was taught by the best.

There is an old saying;It takes a village to raise one child. Twenty years ago we upheld this philosophy. We put the power in that saying. We raised our children.
We did not just have them and let other people raise them. What is worse now is, they are raising themselves. I see many parents give their children to much "load" too early.

I accept with gratitude the responsibility of being a grandparent. It is a gift that I am grateful for. Offerings to thee oh Mighty Lord my grandson as was my gran daughter as was my daughter upon their entrance into the world. Bless them with all that you have intended for them and nothing less.

Thank you father for you sacrifice that showed us all what true love for ones children should be. Thank you... Thank you... Now and forever more thank you...

logicalpoetist August 25, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

When people ask...

Barbara, a forty-five year old professional has everything going well for her. She is a chemist at a prestigious perfume marketing & distribution company. Her ideas sent the company soaring when she developed a signature scent that was very distinctive, to say the least.

The company sold the unique scent to a well known celebrity for his already successful line of women's cologne for two hundred and fifty-million dollars.
Barbara's commission for her development was twenty percent which solidified her position as a top developer in the market.

Barbara has never been married but she does enjoy her life. She travels lots and is sure to make time for her long term friendships.
One morning while at home preparing a presentation the phone rings...
It is Margaret, Barb's younger sister.

She tells Barb that there has been an emergency in the family and that Barbara should come right away. Margaret says that both their parents and brother had been involved in a vehicular accident, and that all three were in critical condition.

When Barbara received the news she broke down in tears and assured her sister that she'd be on the earliest flight.

Barbara called the airline to schedule her flight and got the earliest one possible for 3p.m. this afternoon.
After securing the flight, she began multi-tasking; making a series of calls while packing for the trip.

The first person she called was her boss to inform him of the news that she would need to be off for a few days or more. Her boss, Henry, asked if there were anything that he could do. Barb thought for a minute, then said yes, there is. Would you just say a prayer for my parents and brother to get better? I am not ready for them to leave me as she broke down crying again.

Her boss said yes, Barbara, I think I can handle that request. She thanked him and ended their call.

As soon as Barbara put the phone on the receiver, it immediately rang back. When she answered it was her best friend Shannon. "Hey girl" "just thought I'd call you this morning" said Shannon to see if you needed help with that project we talked about last week. Barbara responded that yes I do, but today is not good for that. Barb went on to share her painful news with her friend.

When Shannon heard she asked; "is there anything that I can do?" Yes, said Barbara would you pick me up at 1pm and take me to the airport? Shannon said of course honey, whatever you need. Thanks Barbara said and ended the call.

Still packing her things and trying to cancel the days events there was a knock at the door.
When Barbara answered it was her neighbor David who is sixteen. David always did small chores for Barb like mowing her front lawn and taking her disposable goods to the curbside. I saw that your car was in the driveway this morning said David so, I thought I would just come by to see if you needed anything today?

Barbara said yes, as a matter of fact I do. A family emergency calls for my sudden need to go away.
I think I will be gone a few days to a week but, am really not sure. David, would you come by and water my plants every two days until I return? David said sure, no problem. She handed him the spare keys and sent him off as there was still so, much to accomplish before leaving.

Barbara managed to get everything done and was ready at 1pm. Shannon was prompt and the two headed to the airport. When Barbara arrived at the airport she checked her bags then took a seat in the port lobby. There was a very attractive male that seemed to be staring from a distance. Each time Barbara would lift her head from the magazine she was reading the man would be looking right at her. He would very quickly look away in shyness however. Finally it's time to board the plane.

Barbara headed down the aisle. As she is reading the seating numbers she notices that the man that was staring at her is seemingly seated next to her. She approaches her window seat and sure enough the two were paired for the 6 hour non-stop flight.

After about an hour the man introduced himself as Kevin Samuels. Coincidentally his name was very familiar. Kevin was the top marketing director at the same prestigious
marketing corporation. The two laughed at the strange meeting place as they had never seen one another at work but, knew of the other's names.

Kevin attributed his staring back at the airport to Barbara's striking beauty and then quickly changed the subject. "What is taking you to New York" he asked, assuming that it were business. When Barbara explained her need to travel Kevin apologized at her tragic news.

During the long flight the two became very acquainted and planned to have lunch when things were better for Barb.

Six hours now passed Barbara arrives at the airport. She is greeted by her sister. They head straight to the hospital to begin dealing with the sad situation the two face.

Barbara is there in the waiting area and receives a call after a few hours. It is Henry her boss. I thought that this would cheer you up and tells her to listen. He plays a recording of an announcement that went over every speaker at the ten story marketing firm earlier this afternoon.

This is what it said:

Today I received news that one of our most valued employees had to go away for a family emergency. I asked if there were anything that I could do knowing for sure inside that I was powerless to do anything that would have a real impact.

The employee we all know and love as top chemist for this firm; Barbara said just pray for my parents and brother. I am asking everyone to stop what your doing for 10 minutes as we pray together for Barbara and her family. (the prayer) Played on.

Barbara was speechless. She stood in the ER with tears streaming from her face. When the recording was over she thanked Henry from the bottom of her heart. Please thank everyone and tell them that they will never know what they have done.

Barbara went back to the waiting area and sat pondering the call. She thought to herself that "everyone that I needed was there for me today." No one said no!

At that moment she realized that When people ask if there is anything that they can do. They really do mean well.

Ask yourself: Is there someone that needed my help recently? Did I ask but, yet did not follow through?

I believe that when most of us ask someone is there anything that I can do. We do not see this question with responsibility. We see it as courtesy. When people are going through they don't need you to offer help for the sake of offering. They need you to really help them.

If it were you wouldn't you want someone to really be there? Sometimes one may feel like they really do not know how to help. Remember that you always can exercise the POWER OF PRAYER! That is the BEST help that you can give someone.

Relying on God's ability not our lack of. We are limited in what we can do. God is limitless in his ability. He hears us when we pray and takes seriously what we request-

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009


It is morning...
Orange tinted sky
soft grey clouds
hang not far above

It is raining
I am driving
sipping coffee
While thinking
about my love...

Cris crossing
time tossing
days passing
at the speed of
of life

Summer soon over
air feels colder
yet gets warmer
with you by my side

a hint of fall
hides in the trees
as the bark turns
a rusty white
crispy sound of
scraping leaves
introduce the calm
of night

cooling howl
of a soothing wind
brushing against
all that it can find
realizing the season
is changing
it is almost time

for holiday cheer
family and friends
good food to satisfy
the soul

It is almost time
once again
for frosty, fluffy

yet another
brand new year...
How fortunate
we all have been
09 kept us here

We have gained
quite a bit
as a human race
finally a president
concerned not
about saving face
Instead he's
begun the work
to change this
unfair place

How fortunate
are we to
still exist
as many did go on.

Unanswered question
as to why
we just know
there gone

As we move
rapidly toward 2010
let us take a moment
to reflect
to simply
remember when
and If you think
there is No God?
You had better
think again

(C)copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There is in the air a certain scent
of winter. Crisp and fresh
cool yet warm and rich.

Colorful and radiant
red,brown and gold
camouflage themselves in orange

How then did I become blue?

spirit dirges chilled sea
currents heading south
waters rest in the east
wind controlling it's route

your reflection is me
and mine is you
We can expect that the forecast
shall forever change
as we determine what to do

We can depend upon a transformation
to guide us into our next season
We can find reasons to stand still
and never move
Winter has come again however
no matter what we choose

colors of this radiant season
red, brown gold
camouflage themselves in orange
and I still wonder..

How then did I become blue?

(c)copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I know what it is like to put my hopes and dreams into love and to have them not evolve but instead, dissolve before my very eyes, the tears streaming down like rain my heart exploding with pain.
Disappointed not once but, again. The sadness at this stage of life is not for me though. It is for all GODS children. Love was created by HIM. It is intended to bring happiness to a heart a soul.

Love is to be utilized as strength in bonding two people together as one. So many of us we just don't get it. I have been fortunate to drink from the fountain of youth. I am truly blessed. I look great for my age many say almost every day. What is the secret to your beautiful skin and smile and glow. "Womyn you glow!"

I must share that the secret is that I love without limitation, without expectation of anything other than what any person simply deserves- RESPECT... I walk in silence and it in me. Occasionally I've been tested and have to define and defend myself all at once.

I have found myself stepping outside of my souls quiet place. Some people push and push because they cannot stand that you are at peace. They want it so badly but fear it so sadly...

Love is meant to be blissful yet intense. Spiritual and immense. The depth will never be felt by so many because when it first intoduces itself to the average soul it scares the " HELL" out of people!

"How do I keep it moving?" I just recognize the sadness in a soul and pray that someday they become willing to stop disappointing God others and most of all themselves.
The truth is the reason that some can't accept love is because if they have not experienced self love then how can they give it to you? If you have the courage to love sincerely and love yourself; when the dsappointment comes you would simply
re-align your spirit and pray for that lost soul.

Don't be abused by remaining in the muck. We get older to gain experience to produce wisdom to excersise KNOWLEDGE!

I honor the place in you that resides in me, the place of peace the place of love (pass it on)

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


Todays Blog is: 2 very important quotes by the writer.

The name of this quote session is intended for the purpose of PONDER

"I personally have had to look many much of my" past experiences dead in the eye; in order to penetrate the fear that they gave me.

"I have learned that if something has been good for you it can also help some one else but, Only if shared.."

Quotes originated by Poet and Author Najai D'Raughn

(C)copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Light Love Life

Expose yourself
I have seen you
yet do not know who you are

as I am telling you
many things about my inner being
my interior decor
uninformed of what you'll use it for

live in the trust of anothers being
fear blocks the blessings
It is dark and scary in that place of fear
so I am unafraid to expose my light.

Unafraid to let light expose my depth
for when they walked in fear
JESUS wept

I will not force tears from HIS eyes
cry instead will I...
suffered for me-
at HIS own expense

is payment a thorn made
crown upon his head
every inch of flesh
upon HIS body bled

No more suffering for my sake
no more being afraid
walk in faith
my way has been paid

Life's not always right
on it's best days
or it's worse nights

GOD says trust in HIM
crawl out of darkness
into sunlight

You're not loving
if you are protecting
you're not exposing
If you're hiding

You are an unknown soul
not really living
if you are afraid
of just LOVING

You are defeating
Gods intention
for you being
Not even seeing
that which HE has given

Your light your love
your life is moving
fast yet
no where going

unaware you're
defacing GLORY
shhhh, just hush...
end of story-

(C)copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Yes or No experience

Decision... Is it a feeling? Is it a thing? One thing that is clear; making a decision is profoundly emotional. The need to decide something derives from a place of "enough." When one has had enough then the heat is on. Decision making also lends itself to adding something to ones life "more".To make a decision takes such forums as faith, courage, thirst, and willingness.

What is often unmentioned yet most important is, that when all is said and done. No matter what the decision; -

Decision positions us to takes charge! How great is that?

Trust your inner being. Listen for what it is saying to you through how you feel Just like an instrument the body speaks via tones. If we are in tune we can determine the sound and rhythm and be guided it.

When the decision is No the belly feels very nervous, the throat gets a big ball in it, if you swallow you'll feel a lump in your thorax. Overall it just feels uneasy.

When the answer is yes. There is a spiritual and visual picture of peace... you can clearly see a picture of your subject. When you visualize it; you feel connected to it, you feel excited, elated, elevated and trusting.The feeling is just (exhales)refreshing-

Both yes and no experiences vary depending on the individual yet these basic physical responses are pretty consistent among human beings.

The key is to align your hearing with your body. Remembering that one must
use their mind, not their ears to hear. If one can master this? The decision making is canceled provided the master is also obedient to their bodies language. we simply know what to do and we do it!

Try it. It may take practice before you learn to listen well. However, don't get discouraged. The art of success lies in your ability to be disciplined and patient.

The reward is worth it and just like the yes and no experience; it is tailor made to the individual. Yet the gain in the same among human beings.
For all of us. once we loosen our decision... Comes freedom-

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Necessary Address

Who's heard the rustle and bustle of the social anatomy?
What stirs the drama among individuals when they are in the same space for any considerable length of time? Peace is just lost and seemingly no where to be found.
Listen... "She is talking about him doing her and her shoes are tore up!"
"Why would he be Cheating on her with her?" (Gossip)
Then there is the today someone speaks to you when yesterday;
they did not? (Ignorance)

What about when you speak a happy "Hey every one!" As you enter the space and
somehow,it seems that every one ate peanut butter for breakfast?
The emotion attached to this, for the speaker is so awkward. (Impolite)

To a certain degree this is also mean. So in thinking about all of this,
I cannot help but ask the intelligent question. Why do we treat each other this way?
It is an outright down look on your brother or sister beings.

I have learned in my life that people have been through many things.
We never know what things or to what degree the severity of their experience. What a bout the sensitivity that may exist or the trauma even?

Most of the participants of such infliction never stop to think about this. To think about the tremendous job they are doing at hurting an already hurt person.

The day that one looks down; some time later they will look up and possibly,
up to who they looked down on.

An option to talking about someone is to pray for them and pray about you.

None of us are without flaw. How hurt would one be to pass a crowd and overhear them taunting you?
Sure some of you may have just thought "I don't really care.." That is much easier said than survived.

Another key point is that talking about someone in the form of negativity does not speak well to ones own feelings about themselves.
If one is secure and confident they find neither worth, nor glory, nor time to deflate another.

The energy that is used to gnaw at someones character can be used better building ones own.
Life is about Karma and life is a long process of events. Events that should be for the most part felt in the spirit realm. In fact it should be Zesty!
Whatever you get out of life however is really up to you.

The law is that you receive from the universe that in which you give to it.In order to reap we MUST sow.

The Bible for those that believe speaks of sowing and reaping a harvest.
Know that if you sow a seed of hatred you shall be swallowed up by the same in acres of a harvest.

Loving as God loves us is not as easy as it should be as we are "products of our environment." We are disqualified from using this as an excuse as; we may be product but we are not prisoners of our environment.

We are free too choose how to behave,how to treat one another, how to speak to each other and how to be consistent.

The choice to bring gifts to others or to receive fields of dead grass as our harvest- Is Yours...

May you be lead Through my honesty and courage to undress the mess and may it be catalyst to a better you

God Bless

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2007

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Souls Flame

I saw Africa this morning
dawning a shadowed yawn
over my body's continent

Felt my spirit sweat
from the burning
of it's realness,

I confess that my palms
produce oil to bathe
the hands and feet of
souls wherever I go
When I come back
there is never flack
awaiting erectly at my

For I know
life isn't
Just breathing
the clouded mass
above our heads

My Locks deem
it distasteful
so they'd rather soak
in Frankincense oil

spoiling the noses
of those upon my path
evident wrath of
a daggered grace

injecting blessings
upon this place
obeying praying
saving souls

words of poetic expressions
mending, healing the world
time is but passing by
correction necessary
address the mess we've made

Universal chaos
job lay offs
leads one to seek
their souls relief
refuge from grief

So write... I must-
spilling words of knowledge
upon the planets floor
head held high am looking
toward mastery of all
that is expected from me

words are falling like
rain upon my crown
regurgitating them
from my mouth
tears ingrained
upon my face
receiving mercy receiving

Obedience pays
like suns rays
keep us warm
like peaceful waters
keep us calm

like wind whispering
beneath wings
Words heal
Soul now soothing

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It is you that I miss
although you are here
sweetness is salty
time at it's bleeding end

I am bending my ear to hear
the ways you will share
that although you are near
you miss me in the same way

tell me that I am not alone
upon this throne of fullfilmment
yet vacant and naked in my
need for you.. Is this love?

I don't think I really need to ask
why people fear love...
What is it about it
that makes one afraid to
stop peaking from behind corners
watching from periphial angles.

We've opted to set an example
engage a romantic tangle
with all emotion
we travel at the speed of light
to a place in present times

No time can be taken for granted
so what are we going to do
I'm sure we will find answers-

This is my way of saying that
although you are right here
I sure am missing you-

(C) logicalpoetist August 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Excited about.. Saying goodbye

Goodbye's are usually not easy. Often they do not feel good because the reality is that it is time to let go. yesterday I spoke metaphorically about change. The reason that it is so hard to say goodbye is because there is a resistance to letting go.

Any attempt to hold on or an existing act not to accept something reaching completion, will only result in a delay of ones next journey.

Yes, it hurts when it is time to bid farewell to people or things; to a job or home.
If only we could just trust the journey forward. Feel excited about what is next.
Believing that greatness is what lies ahead-
There is so much power in that...

People and things are loaned to us by the creator. They were not intended to stay the same or remain forever-

Forever is a mere expression of until.
Until when? Until something comes to a close. Sometimes subjects that we are passionate about, without warning simply comes to an end. What is left is beautiful, no matter what the loss may entail. What is left is the memory.

-Memories of both good and challenging times. Memories we can savor when the "it" has gone.

Goodbye is not a bad thing. It is a part of life. As is death. If this can be accepted before a loss occurs. The benefit is both understanding and excitement.

With this in mind should we grieve? Absolutely. Grieving is a healthy response to loss as long as the grievance is not demonstrated in harmful ways.

Crying, talking about ones feelings, exercising, writing (my personal favorite) are all healthy ways to go through a bereavement period.

Crying cleanses your soul. Talking Free's what's inside. Exercise tunes your body and writing provides an opportunity to look at ones transition.

The latter can open up so many other positive experiences.

It is a WIN WIN situation!

I am saying goodbye and it feels good to know that; I am on my way to embark upon and experience the next level of greatness in life.

Do not resist change and do not be sad at goodbye. Instead bathe in your memories and embellish your journey

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Challenge of change"

My eyes could not believe what was before them as I watched..
While I said nothing, I observed everything.
There was a certain disturbance
in time as, turmoil fell into the room.

A sudden draft of anger a bold determination to make
within points a powerful statement...

Volcanic verbiage began to ooze it's lava-lingual!
One voice at a time shadowed over one absent subject..
Did that subject matter? Was the subject the root of discomfort..
The accusers all say yes! They refuse to be silent.

Boldly wrapping there resistance to back down around their demand to gain
order and respect. They make nor accept excuses for
lack of...

Amongst them I am and so is the sun... the Forecast is unclear yet,
the heat is felt.

Now I... I am leaning forward and looking these Gift
horses in the mouth and there is a combination of ingredients
that make up this recipe of complaint. In the bowl there is
a lot of good yet, a bit of poor representation all mixed in together.

I am starting to smell the aroma of this eruption of hope for a satisfactory
turn out.
Realizing that the eruption is really an interruption.. The plan for a warm and comfortable ride has been intercepted and people sometime have a hard time with change.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A word of encouragement to someone...

During a time of challenge is not the time to surrender. It is the time to grab tightly to what you can depend upon. Hopefully that dependence is not upon another human but rather something more solid like FAITH.

People have different beliefs so I am careful in my aim to not offend anyone. All beliefs should be respected although one may not agree.

Faith itself is the act of believing in something greater than the eyes can see.

Life comes at you hard and fast and if you are not careful you can find yourself swimming in fear, doubt and insecurity. One should however, fuel up on their faith at this time. We are beings of something much greater than ourselves. We hold the power to activate goodness in our lives.

The powerful weapon that unlocks this ability is faith. You have to believe that what you see is not necessarily what you get. What you can get is what you believe you can.

However faith is a subtle verb and needs to be supported by an action like "doing.."

If you combine faith with the act of doing it is impossible to fail. For example;
Mary can believe that she will pass her exam and may pray to do so but, if she does not study her material she may have defeated her chances.

Faith does not work well with laziness, only determination. Determination is simply a powerful vengeance to accomplish. Faith loves determination and will support it like a beam supports a building.

A change in thinking may become necessary to embrace this idea. If doubt fear and insecurity are in the forefront of your mind then practicing being faithful that things can change for you is the new thinking that is needed to have a successful experience.

Some people have been living in a cave of negative elements for a lifetime. Never thinking once that "perhaps they should try coming out of the cave into the light of faith."
In other words they have accepted that life is always going to be rough for them and will never get better. This is the biggest and saddest lie that one can feed themselves.

If this is what one believes then this is the force that is being called to you by you! If you do not believe in anything then you will gain nothing.
Challenge yourself today to change the way you think and start believing in what you desire to have, be or go.

If you feed desire with faith food you will regurgitate a festive harvest!

There are no special directions in becoming more faithful. Something helpful to know is that faith is not just a word it is a deed. it has to be off your lips and onto your heart-

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love undressed..

Deception is a terrible thing. It is birthed from dishonesty and usually based on lies. When you meet someone you obviously do not know them so there is no reason to distrust them. Experience can alter the innocence of a new meeting as some do bring their old baggage to new relationships.

If you both brought baggage now the relationship has luggage.

If you dress your head with African garb or where your crown in kinky locks, If you speak every other word using the name of God then what should one expect from you?
This representation demands responsibility when one displays such presentations to an individual or to the world.
Some say fake it until you make it. Is this being honest? I do not think so.

I say "be real with it so later you don't have to deal with it."

To stumble upon a bad attitude, ignorance, lack of consideration from someone who initially preached faith and spirituality is, equivalent to waking up next to someone in the morning and not remembering going home with them.
How embarrassing... How disappointing... How hurtful...

It is not the choice to see good in someone that is is a downfall. It can however result in a pit fall.
When one realizes that they have now lost the "representative and met the executive" what should they do?
When it comes to love relationships it can be very difficult to just walk away. The truth is that when you love someone it is not easy to do that.

Love is now the source of survival within your union. It anchors your feet to the ground of the relationship. Running is not always the answer. The word of God says this about love;

Love suffers long and is kind; Love does not envy; Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek it's own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, Love never fails.

So when friends share of their tails of struggle in a personal relationship, do not ask why do they stay. The truth is that when one truly understands GOD'S DEFINITION OF LOVE that, is why...

A person may not be able to verbalize the very thing that they hold within their heart but, they are in tuned with what God has defined love to be.
Knowing this should not justify for anyone staying in an abusive relationship. It should however determine what true love is and what it is not.

If love for you is opposite everything that God has says then it is time for you to reconsider your circumstances because before loving anyone successfully you must first love yourself. This truth is self evident-

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2009