Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Decision to Love

What has been done in one decision to Love
Warm sun left behind in exchange for the winters ice
Its not the weather that I am speaking of rather the splinters of
wondrous times. Silence, distance, time that must be considered
In light of concluding circumstances, and current situations.
A handful of understanding desired to appease two hearts  full of pain while we are waiting to love freely. Feels so beautiful yet, it stains everyone who sees and is aware of
the Love between us. Envious family and so called friends. Some unaware of their power in sequential order of the equation. Stones being thrown, while our Loving hearts are breaking. Jealousy melting our skin as we fight to keep our smiles tight. Baring grins.
All we want is to satisfy our spirits. Be harmonious as we grow into the rebirth of our lives. Two extrodinary beings created in incredibly same ways.
The world wants to blame us for their lack of understanding of what we have found in one another. After, a lengthy dance with all the other disappointments. Now life finds us on top of a mountain together. We are so in Love that it feels like we are on an island together. Its so beautiful here in this one decision to love. We have not the regrets the few that know wish. I just wish we could be somewhere other than here. In a place where we did not have to accept the unacceptable.

©2013 Logicalpoetist

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