Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Torn pages
  internal rages
external screams. Unborn dreams.
Determined mind, continuos actions, agressive distractions...
Attempts to arrest these actions.
Comes water in the wilderness So...sipping on this... Quenching, moisturizing dryness of defeat .Although, it's a repeat offender. Straddling the fences of all defensiveness against me...  Meloncholy at times. Will- driven reminder, parenthetically parked on ones mind.
 Frustrating cries
belting silently from within... whipering voices... like sweet sounds... melodically they say;
"keep going... keep going." Knowing, no Succesor EVER gave in.
Besides you can only walk away from an anointing but for so long
So far, until-
 eventually you must give in...
 Appointments have seasons herein
  be it hell or heaven.
For those who don't believe.
Every head shall bow and...
 ALL shall bend there knees..
Used my knees to pray for the fruition of dreams
Bowed my head to give all thanks.
At times to ask for strength
and power that shakes, experiences that would keep my faith.
So to the adversary determined to utilize the misfortunes of
 youthful woes to convince me
that all the odds remain stacked against me.. But I shouted...
"You  have no power to defeat me!"
"It is God's breath of life that
pumps within me!"
" NO MATTER WHAT  weapon you form against me...
There is a greatness that resides within me!"
 Can't no devil on earth past or present
sell me lies or false dreams that, I shall believe.
I am always hidden in the Lord's pavillion 
and your so blind... that you can't see... I put away hope a long time ago
and even  filed away all  my dreams.. Daddy canceled all your decisions
While you were busy attacking my flesh
My spirit began to over-flow with visions.
(C) 2013 Logicalpoetist

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