Friday, October 26, 2012

Good Morning! Blessings to all that grace your presence and decide to leave your verbal print on my page. I am so excited about Life, Love, family and friends this morning. Thankful that you all have traveled with me into this present time. Life is a gift! Each day we are granted in life is another OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ON POSTURE! Say it aloud! Lord I thank you that you see in me a reason for me to be. Decide what things within need to be improved and commit to making the necessary repairs to your attitude and actions. There is nothing.. And I mean nothing to hard for God to help you with. There are no restrictions, no shackles on your ability to put forth your best. Your only restriction is unwillingness. Three things that we all need to move forward Honesty, an open mind and the willingness to do and have both. Willingness to be both and willingness to be willing. So willingness is most necessary! Each year as I get older these 3 afford me the gift of wisdom. It has become addicting to be willing to always take my personal inventory. It is of more value to take a look at me and see what I can do better than to put my energy into you and what you can do better. Although ultimately we are responsible for one another to a degree. We are responsible to self to every degree. Take time to Love God by acknowledging that there is a God in you who wants to see you at your best. Every day that you are blessed with life see it as; yet another opportunity to do your best. Fulfill a dream, make a change, apologize to someone that lingers in a broken heart because something you may have said or done. Forgiveness of self is necessary in order to see the Beauty that lies within. Beauty is within you!!! Be ye forever Blessed in Love, health and greatness!

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