Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wait and you shall see

Just want to ask. how can one not be excited about life. The more life, I live the more I realize the presence of GOD. We are never without a way out. As I sat this morning taking in the teachings of my Pastor here in Dallas TX. Many things crossed my mind. Mostly, that I am an amazing result of things past.
Looking back over my life, I find appreciation for all the experiences that I have. Not just the good seasons but the worst crops. Sometimes, life will let us know, that we are reaping from seeds not sown by ourselves. Sometimes, despite all efforts made to be loving and kind to our neighbors in the world, some neighbors are outright nasty to us. I say waste not time worrying about it.

Pray for them. Continue showing them love and mercy as God does us.

Amazing results come out of this act. I tell you from personal experience. I have a library of references buried in my heart and embedded in my soul. At times, despite praying it can feel that the Lord is not listening because the situation does not seem to be improving. I tell you that GOD's silence is not equal to ignorance. In due season,revelation comes that while He appeared silent, he was working things out for the favor of your life. Stay always faithful in your higher being and know that your woes are making attribution to you win! Be Blessed always

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