Friday, November 23, 2012


Won't dress up my writing with fancy lines or curves. Refuse to Sugar cote my Salty words. Cannot give of myself in it's entire depth if, I pretend to have never been broken inside. Denied admissions that indeed I've cried. Couldn't act as though I've never known pain or, been on the brink of losing my mind. Clutching tightly those spurts of energy borrowed from my inner child who was whispering- "I think I can." I have taken it all off. stripped down, bare skinned. Stood mercifully before you in hopes of making clear blured vision and... warped opinions of my reply to life. What I place down on these pages is confidence. Honesty is never unsure of it's destiny. It will always land erectly in truth My writing may never make every soul's acquaintance nor meet their apppeal. Yet, unfailingly will impress upon it's audience what is real. My writing... The one thing that never dies a death within me. Literal Savior that blankets; un-bent, aged, lines that speak from it's Elder soul of the inner me. Humble.. The one thing I vow to always be. False pride I commanded.. "let go of me." (Screaming) "you've been replaced by my epidome!!!" Won't dress up my writing with fancy lines or curves Offering you crusts of the outer earth of me. Instead.. I deliver unto you the center me Alpha & Omega ME equals the sum total of the equation My writing plus me... Infinite

Friday, October 26, 2012

Good Morning! Blessings to all that grace your presence and decide to leave your verbal print on my page. I am so excited about Life, Love, family and friends this morning. Thankful that you all have traveled with me into this present time. Life is a gift! Each day we are granted in life is another OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ON POSTURE! Say it aloud! Lord I thank you that you see in me a reason for me to be. Decide what things within need to be improved and commit to making the necessary repairs to your attitude and actions. There is nothing.. And I mean nothing to hard for God to help you with. There are no restrictions, no shackles on your ability to put forth your best. Your only restriction is unwillingness. Three things that we all need to move forward Honesty, an open mind and the willingness to do and have both. Willingness to be both and willingness to be willing. So willingness is most necessary! Each year as I get older these 3 afford me the gift of wisdom. It has become addicting to be willing to always take my personal inventory. It is of more value to take a look at me and see what I can do better than to put my energy into you and what you can do better. Although ultimately we are responsible for one another to a degree. We are responsible to self to every degree. Take time to Love God by acknowledging that there is a God in you who wants to see you at your best. Every day that you are blessed with life see it as; yet another opportunity to do your best. Fulfill a dream, make a change, apologize to someone that lingers in a broken heart because something you may have said or done. Forgiveness of self is necessary in order to see the Beauty that lies within. Beauty is within you!!! Be ye forever Blessed in Love, health and greatness!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Process of Determination

It is spring within my soul yet it's brisk.. Internal storms rage.
Rebukes all blame.
Trying to change what's been the same old

Forty five times three hundred-sixty five.
Fractionally seven times..
The opposite of heaven split so un-even,
Child within screaming~I know u remember but I must ask..
why is the present identical to past?
Mirrors glare blank stares of moments that don't last.
Just upstaged attempts to heal
leave the past the past.

Dreams born in the midst of threats to kill them.
And me... I am determined to spill them.
Unbending my back. Standing up straight despite all odds.
Focusing on the God that's within me...

Hurts no less and still stains me blue.
Fistful of faith still carries me through.
Hands that cannot be seen upholding me.
Gentle voice against my lobe.. I am listening...
Whisperings of encouragement battling at and
Against discouragement.
Deciding to stay with it.
My determination-

(C) 2012 Logicalpoetist

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wait and you shall see

Just want to ask. how can one not be excited about life. The more life, I live the more I realize the presence of GOD. We are never without a way out. As I sat this morning taking in the teachings of my Pastor here in Dallas TX. Many things crossed my mind. Mostly, that I am an amazing result of things past.
Looking back over my life, I find appreciation for all the experiences that I have. Not just the good seasons but the worst crops. Sometimes, life will let us know, that we are reaping from seeds not sown by ourselves. Sometimes, despite all efforts made to be loving and kind to our neighbors in the world, some neighbors are outright nasty to us. I say waste not time worrying about it.

Pray for them. Continue showing them love and mercy as God does us.

Amazing results come out of this act. I tell you from personal experience. I have a library of references buried in my heart and embedded in my soul. At times, despite praying it can feel that the Lord is not listening because the situation does not seem to be improving. I tell you that GOD's silence is not equal to ignorance. In due season,revelation comes that while He appeared silent, he was working things out for the favor of your life. Stay always faithful in your higher being and know that your woes are making attribution to you win! Be Blessed always

(C) 2012 Logicalpoetist

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trevon Martin

The presence of US lends to the eye something beautiful. As a people we color the globe. We heat up the herizon sprinkling sparkles of bronze all over the caps of mountains. As a people we are intelligent and prophetic. We sip from various fountains such as The word of God in ALL HIS FORMS. We regurgitate everything we drink down the throats of youth. In this way we affirm with powerful might, their ability. As a people we are abstract in our creativeness and linear in our tolerance for injustice. God loves us God created us so, please understand that our crowns shall never be broken. Regardless of what it looks like. My third eye sees my VICTORY.

Dedicated to Trevon Martin

© 2012 Logicalpoetist

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What did they miss? The peace, Love, or Soul?


Most people will be shocked/ Although I share this emotion, mostly I am disappointed. I like many of us grew up looking forward to every Saturday morning to partake in the happiness of the SOUL TRAIN show in the 70's. Don's huge bright smile, deep male voice and excited spirit introduced us to the front line of Black music moguls, fashion and dance all in one hour.. It was good times!

Today we read that he has not only died but, committed suicide. Puzzling that a man with such a HUGE life would close his book this way. I pray that we remember that people are innocent until proven guilty. What I mean in saying this is my initial gut feeling is that there is more to the story.. Perhaps he was actually killed and the shooter set up a suicidal scene... Only the Good Lord knows-

With great friends like Ron Isley and Berry Gordy, I would like to think that he had powerful people that surrounded him and shared in his accomplishments and the challenges that come with success. So why would he end his story like this? Black brother,trend setter,Icon, innovator, and I could go on and on describing this man. I just feel that there is more to this story. In the meantime I want to say that WE NEVER KNOW what a persons inner demons are saying to them. I encourage everyone to stay in tune with there close friends and loved ones. Sometimes we completely overlook another's pain. selfish and self centered. The late great Bob Marley said it best.. "My Life is for people, if I cannot dedicate my life to people Me no want it!" Powerful statement! If more people thought selflessly, even more people would live. If Don committed suicide; as a community especially, his own close circle... We all have to take responsibility for what we overlooked. As for you and I that may or may not ever have known Don personally... We ALL know someone in pain. Sometimes we are quick to judge and sum another up as mean or evil, never taking time to say.. "What's wrong?" Why do you act that way? And... to take it a step further, commit to helping them to determine what is going on. Most will say;"I do not have time for that" he or she is a grown up. If you don't have time for others know this- I don't care how much money you have or do not have, how saved and sanctified you profess to be. We all get our spin on the wheel of sadness. God commands and wills us to Love thy neighbor. Not just in heart but in deed. If Jesus didn't love unconditionally then where would you be? Sometimes we need to just think of Christ when we see people not looking right or hear them not sounding right. Sometimes we need to listen and not speak, slow down and not rush & Take time when it looks like we have none. Every human life means something. Every person on earth needs something. Ask yourself often, What would Jesus do?

(C) 2012 Logicalpoetist/aka Najai