Thursday, May 19, 2011


There is that old saying: "Life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you might get."

I love chocolate. Who ever thinks of chocolate as a metaphor for possibility?
You can be in search of one thing yet, the universe proves to guide us in the direction that is needed for spiritual growth. As life unveils this is evident more and more.
Yesterday, while in search of one experience, I received so much more than expected.

I mean, here I am at a specified business appointment and I meet someone who simply
camped out in my spirit. Without knowing that I would hear from God, I did.
There is just no way that the universe aligns with you so timely least it be in it's will.
Sometimes, when we think that it's over or, that we are not going to achieve what we set out to; simply because we've placed a time period on it, the Lord will use another human being who knows absolutely nothing about you to remind you to keep moving.
Someone to remind you that just because the "IT" is not generating the result hoped, does not mean that it will not be.

It is so true that often times one must take steps backwards to move forward.

If you have lost a job, a friend, your home, your car or;
if you have worked on a project for the past twenty years that does not seem to be getting off the ground. Just keep going. DO NOT GIVE UP! Perserverence is the key to success.

Nothing happens prematurely and everything that is persued, passionately and persistently happens! This is a hint now you must find a clue.