Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Art of Making Love

Photo by: Jerry

Peel back the blanket of her disguise
See the truths behind what she denies
never see her truths as lies
kiss tears from the corners of her eyes
don't be the reason she ever cries

Caress the softness of her skin
compliment the goods she holds within
Listen when you want to speak
while she is talking stroke her cheek

Repeat back to her what she has told
watch as the trust simply unfolds
Stare deep and glaring into her eyes
for these are the windows to her soul

What you see is what you get
do not walk out or become upset
for every part that you discover
seek understanding
don't run for cover

Take time to hug, hold and caress
although she excites you
Don't always seek sex
A woman wants to be appreciated
for her intellect

Get into her mind
study her library of thoughts
file them alphanumerically
within your heart
reference often
what you've been taught

verbalize both passion and desire
seek an internal place of higher
Place her at the top of your list
show her always your tenderness

Now when you lie down with her day or night
You'll find that it's the ultimate flight
love never starts between the sheets
and it is only good when you've
laced it with the necessary sweets

If your intimacy is a wreck
it's probably that you've
just been having sex

(C)logicalpoetist July 2010