Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Harmonic Twang

Softness, sweetness, breath warming ones neck,
oily palms, caressing,savoring
unsure of what to expect.
Wind chimes tingling the tips of lobes
drum line of beating hearts
articulate rhythmic souls

Time uncounted calculation cannot sum
past has become present suddenly unexpectedly
board erased,equation remains undone
destiny is now, eternity forever more
simply a contest of faithful supply

hidden treasures discovered under a stream
a constant light a solid beam
beacon of words yet silence speaks loudest
sand is molten rock
soft in texture somehow hardest

crystallized glass
reflect an internal glare
awed stare an empty chair,
a missing link a broken chain
unexplained wink, misconstrued pain
epiphany of unintended sermonized cold
once a drum line of beating hearts
once articulate, rythmic souls

(C)logicalpoetist February2010