Thursday, October 21, 2010

Departing Lullaby

Backdoor of goodbye's
grand baby cries
Mimi too has tears
in her eyes

Genuine love
sustaining of hearts
seals the trust that
we must and will
meet again and again

First and only born child
One boy One girl returned
Blessings unto me

You multiplied giving
Two grandchildren
Girl summer
and Boy fall

Promise me you'll
Kiss them often and
mention my name
between calls
I love you all

Thanks for the memories
the sharing of your
beautiful smiles
They are chiming gates to my heart
sing a lullaby as we depart
For now and until-
we meet again

holds your smiles
your love and
your hugs within

Dedicated to My Punkin, My sweet girl and My Lil Boots

(C) logicalpoetist October 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Poets Quote #12

It's raining within a soul... Wind is upon ones neck.. words taste moistened lips lighten weight upon ones breast... What once was cold finds refuge of warmth. Heaven imagined in the sky yet here too upon this earth. Silence an unspoken language which tongue truly rests in time. Subliminal message invading one's mind...

(C) logicalpoetist October 2010