Friday, September 24, 2010

A Wise man

A wise man is strong even when confonted with an opportunity to be weak. A wise man humbles himself even as trouble seeks him out. He accepts his responsibility with his head head high maintaining his dignity, excercising integrity. A wise man takes care of his flock and his nest despite, the inclusion of a "lost soul.." He recognizes his own imperfections and commits to change. Ignores his own souls invasion.
A wise man waits and relies soley on the "Most high" He is Peace, Love and Life personified.

(C)logicalpoetist September 2010

A wise man is my cousin Vernon

Dedicated to my cousin "V"

with all my love,


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  1. Cousin

    This is going to be my mantra for a good while now. Thank you so much cuz.
    I love you right back.


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