Tuesday, June 8, 2010

seasons of change

Suddenly life just changes
feeling of sudden shift
everything just re-arranges
hem that has no stitch
hands on the clock
representative of time

time seems to be running out
if blessed with more
be very sure to dance laugh
and shout-

Life is a precious gift
time meant to be shared
yet many treat time as if
it last forever
many just don't care

the sky is soft and blue
containing thousands of clouds
in all of it's peacefulness
it speaks so very loud
rain falls on everyone
it's no excuse to be rude or mean

Winter promised windy days
summer pronounces green
Now fall, it demands change
and spring is when change is seen

Each season of life brings purpose
a contribution not instantly understood
time sometimes runs out
whispers "it was all for good"

epiphany speaks in relative form
what is displayed to the heart
was it worth it all
simply was norm

why then does complexity
play such a part
for if it were easily understood
underdeveloped would be our hearts

Lord knows better than we
change builds integrity
and strength..
If left up to us
we'd choose no pain
we'd go the shortest length

Learning little or nothing
gathering bits and pieces
we'd take forever learning lessons
under-qualified for God's increases

acceptance and faith
true keys to happiness
all things in the Master's time
be advised
His gifts are'
the very best!

(C)logicalpoetist June 2010