Monday, April 19, 2010

Divine Encounter

As, I sat on a bench reading the book of life. A woman approached me. She had eyes as deep as the sea and very dark skin that shined like a polished moon. Her hair was thick and very natural. She held out her hands, both hands. Can you help me she asked. What is it that you need my sister? I couldn't help but ask. She said money to eat. As, I looked into her face, I could not help, but notice that her eyes were red like fire. It appeared, that there was so much pain in them. I also noticed that she had a blanket tied around her waste and with her 3 bags of her belongings. I asked her if she were homeless and she said yes. Still holding out her hands. While reaching into my bag for money I stared at her palms. I placed a gracious gift in her hands... I couldn't help but to notice that this woman had in each of her hands a piercing indentation. Instantly, I thought of Jesus. I asked her where she was from? Surprisingly she answered; Egypt. How did you get here, I asked? Do you have family here? She said that she came here in search of life but all the souls are dead. She then said but for your compassion you are blessed. Thank you.. and she left. I felt something that I had never felt before as I watched her until she was completely out of my view. I believe with everything in me that she was more than what she appeared. It pays to look past what we see with our physical eyes.

(C) logicalpoetist April 2010