Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blue wax

She sat at her marbleized table
thinking about her life
Years seemed to wipe away her war stories.
Some of them manufactured poems and plays.
Her writing over the days
gave new definitions to the pain
that once caved her back.

Yet, as she sat on this day
she felt a nagging resurface of history
that seemed to be blistering her soul
It burned like firey lit coals
and took hours to form ash
So, she lashed out with a scream-

She lit a candle and watched the flame dance
It's rhythm seemed to be singing her blues,
so her tears began to fall
Each one hitting the flame,
each one refusing to aim
itself any place other than it's reality
The reality that the pain
never really disappears

Cycles of camouflaged aches
that remind her still they're alive
They only lie dormant in her safe place
That is her literary expressions
of poetry and plays

What happens when
she gets writer's block
or actors stage fright
Or, simply fears that
she looks naked to all the world,
like when Eve ate forbidden fruit
recognizing along with Adam,
that she was without clothes

Her tears flow, knowing that
if her writer's block stays too long
she too curses the world
she too disappoints herCreator,
just like Eve.
So, she forces herself to scribe
as she glances forth and back
at her her burning candle,
her tears still falling into the flames.

sizzling... As she watches it's rhythm
she realizes surely, she's not to blame,
her epihany is born upon pages and
she is comforted by her pen.
Her candle releasing a scent
so calming that clarity came.
Pain is met to be remembered
because it teaches,reminds, strengthens

Although, it's resurfacing at times
is incosiderate of time
and Uncomfortable
It is evident that now she stands.

She is 5'3 and the world views her small,
Yet the universe knows She is tall.
The universe knows that she rules
the universe in it's sole existence
defines why she had to go through

She is forever great and
she's made even greater
each time the moon turns
As Stars churn like butter
she is smooth,she is rich
she is pure despite her uninvited
violations. As life is Karma
she... Is Mother

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

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