Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irreprable damage

Sometimes a person has to give up what is dearest to them to find peace. The discovery that one has lost them self while in their own company is yet, a painful discovery. Life is complex and the idea that while loving someone else one can actually lose who they are seems ludicrous, but it happens. However, it is not just love that plays a role in that loss. It is the job, the kids, friends outside a couples relationship and even technology that distracts us.
Rather you be the one dispensing the distractions, or the recipient of them; it eventually becomes a lose lose.

I have seen & heard wives crying out to their husbands for family & personal time. He responds with such detachment to the situation. "Well someones gotta pay the bills around here.." Likewise a wife who thinks that because she too is a bread winner that it's OK, to neglect her spouse & children of home cooked meals, help with homework and sexual pleasure to her mate.

So now there is an echoing silence in the home. The spouses have seperate lives instead of the life and partnership they married to create. The children have reached an age of independence and take no interest in time at home because they have been raising themselves thus far. They have taken interest in finding answers to their questions elsewhere. Most of all they have been shown how to fracture a family rather than build one.

The rest is not hard to gather. The love ends... the bow breaks... Separation,divorce, and for the kids... Fear, doubt insecurity, premature sex, drug experimentation, violence and seragate families called gangs.
The point of my expression here is that, once something precious is lost, seldom is it regained and even if it is; it is not regained with the pureness it once had. Take nothing for granted Life is short. The only thing that makes life and love last is quality.

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