Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hint of Time

To dream the impossible dream
Staying loyal to ones vision
To understand that clocks'
don't represent what time it is
or dictate the accuracy of an action

oh, but a clock can be a distraction
if you watch it moment to moment
or an infraction on your time because
it imposes an anxiety attack

Now you're gonna be late because
you cannot be calm... You must now
take some time to relax yourself.
You know that if you show up
with your adrenaline so high
you will fumble...

You may tremble when you speak.
Perhaps even misinform because
your memory freezes.
Clock's actually steal your time
Have you ever thought about that

Next time you stare at the clock
remember the sun, moon and stars
let the sun light your way
the moon show your phase
and the stars direct your path

dream the impossible dream and just go-

(C)logicalpoetist March 2010

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