Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irreprable damage

Sometimes a person has to give up what is dearest to them to find peace. The discovery that one has lost them self while in their own company is yet, a painful discovery. Life is complex and the idea that while loving someone else one can actually lose who they are seems ludicrous, but it happens. However, it is not just love that plays a role in that loss. It is the job, the kids, friends outside a couples relationship and even technology that distracts us.
Rather you be the one dispensing the distractions, or the recipient of them; it eventually becomes a lose lose.

I have seen & heard wives crying out to their husbands for family & personal time. He responds with such detachment to the situation. "Well someones gotta pay the bills around here.." Likewise a wife who thinks that because she too is a bread winner that it's OK, to neglect her spouse & children of home cooked meals, help with homework and sexual pleasure to her mate.

So now there is an echoing silence in the home. The spouses have seperate lives instead of the life and partnership they married to create. The children have reached an age of independence and take no interest in time at home because they have been raising themselves thus far. They have taken interest in finding answers to their questions elsewhere. Most of all they have been shown how to fracture a family rather than build one.

The rest is not hard to gather. The love ends... the bow breaks... Separation,divorce, and for the kids... Fear, doubt insecurity, premature sex, drug experimentation, violence and seragate families called gangs.
The point of my expression here is that, once something precious is lost, seldom is it regained and even if it is; it is not regained with the pureness it once had. Take nothing for granted Life is short. The only thing that makes life and love last is quality.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What have I done to be deserving?

Today, I am pondering the people in my life. Particularly friends. They are my reflections of self. I am aware today of the significance of having solid friendships. God did not place us on this planet to be alone. Yet everyone here is not our friend. We all have a purpose indeed; yet not necessarily to each. We are attracted to one another by physics, by spirit, by commonality.
Have you ever really taken a deep look into the eyes of your friends. If so what you should find there is love, concern, compassion, interest in your dialogue, support of your dreams or vision for your life. I am inspired this morning to write about my friendships because undoubtedly, I am blessed with some of the best friends that this universe can offer me. My friends are a compliment to the wellness of my being. We all experience sadness and no one ever really knows the depth of an others pain, hurt, or disappointment. The last thing that we want when going through an emotional time is to feel that no one cares. Sometimes, we don't hear the depth of an other's cry for help and sometimes, we leave people alone in that way. This is OK as long as it's not YOU in need of support right? I think not.

Let us remember to be as we were commanded by God; responsible for one another. Someone needs to hear from you today. If you don't know who, just pick up the phone and reach out to a friend that perhaps you have not spoken to in weeks, months or years. Perhaps send them a literary correspondence letting them know that they are not forgotten. I am thankful that although most of my friends are far and few, I have been divinely favoured when I look at my selection of friends. I see pieces of myself in them and them in me. I now live in a place where I was not birthed and therefore have no roots. Yet, I am establishing new friendships and can see, and feel the exchanges of emotions. There is the existing compassion, concern for my well being and support of my vision for my life. FOR THE FREENESS OF THESE GIFTS WHAT HAVE I DONE TO BE DESERVING? As I think about it... I am careful and do not mean to appear tainted by vanity. Yet, I say for the purpose of inspiration only; being a good friend must have a lot to do with it.

The most powerful force in the universe is KARMA. The Lord promises that if we sow a good seed, we shall reap a fruitful harvest. Today, may you take the time to think about who you are, what contributions you are making to others.

GOD BLESS you & your friendships.

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will you pass the test?

There is an old saying; "give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach a man how to fish and he shall eat for a lifetime. Well what do you do when the teaching is immoral? It is evident that what is being taught will feed you. At least in the physical sense; It will open the door for quick cash, seeming to resolve the need at hand. The pressure of being hungry, thirsty, lonely where one stands and simply tired of standing. This is a dangerous place. It is a time when you can guarantee that the forces of evil will dress themselves up real pretty and present themselves before you.

"The question is:

Will you yield to temptation or will you wait on God?"

Grandma used to say; "child all that glitters ain't gold." You wondered then what she was talking about. I have had my back flattened to the wall and my mind loaded with heavy thoughts. The bills and the bill collectors calling my phone and streaming my mailbox. I've seen the shadows come and felt them hanging over my head. I have gone to the ice box and saw only ice, I have awaken in the morning to find my only means of transportation gone. I have asked for help and no one answered my cry and then suddenly. I realized that someone was watching and listening to the whole spiral. I looked up and there was a "sweet resolution." Oh, how it looked good. Smelled good and I could clearly see that it would get me up out of this mess.

Yet, when I looked a little bit closer; I could see that there were thorns on that seeming way out. If I touched it, I would get pricked. There are times that we reach just a little too fast to resolve our own problems because desperation is beating down our door. I tell you that this is the time to Latch on to faith. See just like the adversary is listening to your problems. Most importantly, so is God. If you wait on him, put your trust in him he won't feed you for a day but, rather a lifetime.

Now some of you are thinking "if God is so good then, why am I in this situation in the first place?" That is a very intelligent question.... I encourage you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself have you been following God's instructions for your life. I encourage you to look deeply into yourself for the answer. Most times it is we ourselves that create our problems by not listening to the spiritual teachings provided us. We think that we control our destiny, so we fell prey to ways in which we thought made us a little better off. We can see now that our way did not work, it only provided for the time being. I tell you that it is testing time once again. What will you do? Will you seek yet again, your own resolution or will this time you allow the Lord to show you how to fish? The water from the well is fresher than the water from the glass. It is also plentiful.

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

The wages of Truth

You rise up in me like
a bolt of lightning
to my thorax
Born from the epitome
of my abdomen

Like rocks, molten
volcanic explosion
your disturbance brought
such corruption
then you were calm

Characteristics of a typical
storm, norm...
Do I blame.. No...
am I in pain yes...
Cannot pretend that
your wrath is not my own
vacant soul echoes
lost tenant empty home

violation, victimization
raided the infrastructure
Of our dwelling
couldn't resist loving
the beauty of your
tornado... Sweet salt
In his image made
Are we all....
I still noticed your rainbow

Now I've confessed the mess
the raging winds have caused
And am left to ponder the loss
Of you entirely and I am
defined just a postdiluvian

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hint of Time

To dream the impossible dream
Staying loyal to ones vision
To understand that clocks'
don't represent what time it is
or dictate the accuracy of an action

oh, but a clock can be a distraction
if you watch it moment to moment
or an infraction on your time because
it imposes an anxiety attack

Now you're gonna be late because
you cannot be calm... You must now
take some time to relax yourself.
You know that if you show up
with your adrenaline so high
you will fumble...

You may tremble when you speak.
Perhaps even misinform because
your memory freezes.
Clock's actually steal your time
Have you ever thought about that

Next time you stare at the clock
remember the sun, moon and stars
let the sun light your way
the moon show your phase
and the stars direct your path

dream the impossible dream and just go-

(C)logicalpoetist March 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blue wax

She sat at her marbleized table
thinking about her life
Years seemed to wipe away her war stories.
Some of them manufactured poems and plays.
Her writing over the days
gave new definitions to the pain
that once caved her back.

Yet, as she sat on this day
she felt a nagging resurface of history
that seemed to be blistering her soul
It burned like firey lit coals
and took hours to form ash
So, she lashed out with a scream-

She lit a candle and watched the flame dance
It's rhythm seemed to be singing her blues,
so her tears began to fall
Each one hitting the flame,
each one refusing to aim
itself any place other than it's reality
The reality that the pain
never really disappears

Cycles of camouflaged aches
that remind her still they're alive
They only lie dormant in her safe place
That is her literary expressions
of poetry and plays

What happens when
she gets writer's block
or actors stage fright
Or, simply fears that
she looks naked to all the world,
like when Eve ate forbidden fruit
recognizing along with Adam,
that she was without clothes

Her tears flow, knowing that
if her writer's block stays too long
she too curses the world
she too disappoints herCreator,
just like Eve.
So, she forces herself to scribe
as she glances forth and back
at her her burning candle,
her tears still falling into the flames.

sizzling... As she watches it's rhythm
she realizes surely, she's not to blame,
her epihany is born upon pages and
she is comforted by her pen.
Her candle releasing a scent
so calming that clarity came.
Pain is met to be remembered
because it teaches,reminds, strengthens

Although, it's resurfacing at times
is incosiderate of time
and Uncomfortable
It is evident that now she stands.

She is 5'3 and the world views her small,
Yet the universe knows She is tall.
The universe knows that she rules
the universe in it's sole existence
defines why she had to go through

She is forever great and
she's made even greater
each time the moon turns
As Stars churn like butter
she is smooth,she is rich
she is pure despite her uninvited
violations. As life is Karma
she... Is Mother

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010