Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food for a Parasite

The question has come up? "Have we outgrown each other as friends?" The answer remains to be found in the now. Sure that it will reveal itself in the latter of time. Age does something to people. While people grow older they definitely change. The change is sometimes painful to the ones that are at the hands of an others change.

Tired of making excuses for you...Tired of accepting your busy life as an excuse for you to halfway or sometimes not at all; be there when I need you... Just tired of it. Why? Because whenever you call I am there... When, I call you cut me off to say that you need to go, or start the conversation telling me that you have just a few moments. Who do you think you are that your life veils more importance than my own?Did it not matter to you when I always said... "No, I am not busy..." Did it ever cross your mind that in twenty years, that I had to be (busy) some of that time but, just wanted to listen to you? Be there FOR YOU! Did you ever realize that you are the one to conclude all of our conversations? Of course you haven't...

Now, I find that my heart is broken because of all the people that I know; I never thought that you would disappoint me. As sad as I am... I must be the strong one now... I must realize that you have been selfish with you at my expense... and I... I don't like it. I will not accept it.... I could not stop it before because I loved you too much to notice it... I never saw your parasitic way until today. Yet because I saw it today... We shall have no tomorrow... Too many bites taken from my soul... No more! One more thing... Although you hurt me... I will always love you my parasite... I am who I say I am...

(C)logicalpoetist January 2010

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