Monday, November 29, 2010

Muscular Destiny

As sure as life precedes so should we. Many years have been spent trying to understand the meaning of life and ones purpose in it. On this most will agree. Yet, there comes a time when every question settles comfortably on the pillow of acceptance. I've not seen even the most humble,faithful and God fearing one without a turn on the pain train of life.

When it rains you can best believe that it rains on all.

The same can be said for the sunshine. So what are the options in response to seemingly unbearable incomprehensible circumstances? The one thing that I have always notated is that "Attitude is Everything."
No. We are not robotic creatures programed to quickly compute and output the right response. However our learned reactions can be changed by exercising the power of choice.

There are a few necessary principle muscles that must be flexed in order for this to work and result positively.The first is the belief muscle- You are what you decide you are. Not what you have been taught to be or what you saw growing up. When in childhood a lot of times we were shown not so good coping skills.

If dad walked out of the house after an argument with mom we saw her bitter. Sometimes yelling and screaming or sending us to our room when we did not deserve to be isolated from the rest of the house. We had done nothing wrong.

If there was a lost income perhaps there was a demonstrated dependency on substance abuse (drinking alcohol) in order to numb the pain of all the concerns that losing ones job might generate.

The better response for both misfortunes would have been, for the parents to adopt a positive mindset and say to the family "We will get through this" and begin the footwork to do so.
Most of us would have been better programmed emotionally if when parents disagreed they talked about it without anger and committed to finding a solution that benefits the entire family. It would have enabled the children to see two adults working together maturely and healthy therefore, reinforcing the children's security and safety in the home.

The second muscle that must be flexed is the willingness muscle-One must want and be willing to do and be better than the things that they find distasteful about the past. Now of course there are tendons and ligaments that help muscles to perform at their best. The willingness muscle releases it's highest optimization when coupled with honesty and determination. A great way to start is to do some soul searching.
This brings us to the third and most important muscle the courage muscle. The reason that this is the most important of the three is because belief and willingness stand on the shoulder of courage. Only bravery can stimulate the belief that one can make a change and only courage can walk one through the door of willingness and determination.

One can believe something is right but never do what is right. One can be willing and determined but, never exercise their willingness or determination with a course of action.

Courage exonerates us and produces results.

Remember the story of the Wizard of OZ?
Dorothy, Tin man and Lion all wanted something from the Wizard.

Their shared belief,willingness and determination took them on a long journey in which they encountered many obstacles. Eventually they made it to the Wizards place only to find that the Wizard is a phony. This angered the Lion so much that he courageously stood up to the Wizard. His courage earned the desired reward for all of them and their lives were forever changed for the better.

Remember Winners never quit and quitters never win. It helps knowing that it rains on every one and when the sun comes out; it too shines on all. Will you continue to complain and be gloomy on a sunny day because of the rain that fell yesterday or, will you enjoy today's sunshine? It is a choice and only you can courageously decide.

You not your past determines your tomorrow.

(C)logicalpoetist November 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

This poets quote #14

Photo by Mountain hardware

Don't stare up for then there is the vision of distance. step up one climb at a time for then there is a mountaintop and a view!

(C) logicalpoetist 11/2010.

This poets quote #13

Photo by

COCOA shots(ME)

To be an inspiration one must first be inspired by something or someone other than self. (C) logicalpoetist November 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

White collar


white collar worker
so sharp and clean
shiny black shoes
slick and sheen
pin stripe Suit
white shirt blue tie
sometimes a cap
worn straight
never one side
least it be a
Friday night

White collar worker
driving your
Licorice black Benz
rolling up to
an oval office
each morn at seven

a.m that is...

hand off your keys
to the maintenance man
because valet parking
don't start until ten
nod to security
while entering
the main building

White collar worker
I have just one question
did you kiss your wife
this morning or talk to
your children

(C) logicalpoetist November 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Departing Lullaby

Backdoor of goodbye's
grand baby cries
Mimi too has tears
in her eyes

Genuine love
sustaining of hearts
seals the trust that
we must and will
meet again and again

First and only born child
One boy One girl returned
Blessings unto me

You multiplied giving
Two grandchildren
Girl summer
and Boy fall

Promise me you'll
Kiss them often and
mention my name
between calls
I love you all

Thanks for the memories
the sharing of your
beautiful smiles
They are chiming gates to my heart
sing a lullaby as we depart
For now and until-
we meet again

holds your smiles
your love and
your hugs within

Dedicated to My Punkin, My sweet girl and My Lil Boots

(C) logicalpoetist October 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Poets Quote #12

It's raining within a soul... Wind is upon ones neck.. words taste moistened lips lighten weight upon ones breast... What once was cold finds refuge of warmth. Heaven imagined in the sky yet here too upon this earth. Silence an unspoken language which tongue truly rests in time. Subliminal message invading one's mind...

(C) logicalpoetist October 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This poets quote #11

Challenge and change are constant. They open our eyes to opportunity and possibility. Change is not our enemy it is our chance to do it differently. When we give our best someone reaps the benefit of the difference that we have made. Don't invest money, invest TIME in self and others. MAKE A DIFFERENCE...

(C) logicalpoetist September 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Wise man

A wise man is strong even when confonted with an opportunity to be weak. A wise man humbles himself even as trouble seeks him out. He accepts his responsibility with his head head high maintaining his dignity, excercising integrity. A wise man takes care of his flock and his nest despite, the inclusion of a "lost soul.." He recognizes his own imperfections and commits to change. Ignores his own souls invasion.
A wise man waits and relies soley on the "Most high" He is Peace, Love and Life personified.

(C)logicalpoetist September 2010

A wise man is my cousin Vernon

Dedicated to my cousin "V"

with all my love,


Friday, September 17, 2010

This Poets Quote (work #10)

It is her determined mind that accomplished greatness, defined her own name and swayed from the titles that she had been given. It was just what they called her. Silently she pressed on because she new to answer to God and not human beings. Now because she answered HIM... SHE IS DEFINED IN HER TRUTH AND ETERNITY!

(C) logicalpoetist September 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This POETS quote (work#9)

Yesterday has passed... How Blessed we were to have taken in it's breath. Today we gather a new taste, the seasons of our tongue are fresh and rebukes all foolishness. Taste with no intension of greed. Plant with expectation of abundance. There is much within a tiny seed.

(C) logicalpoetist September 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Necessary Beats

Photo Is Titled:Energy
Creator is unknown and photo is borrowed and not used for profit

What great work is really done
If hurt is inflicted on even one
One worth less one penny
least multiplied by many
has little ability
to purchase anything of value
decreased is the quality
of life least filled with strife
to say something powerful
through actions
see the fact is people talk
while sitting down
yet it's walking the talk
that crowns a head
truth is some things don't come
quick as a matter of fact
easily gained easily sick
regurgitating sorrow rather
manifesting and solidifying tomorrows
guaranteeing security
saddest thing ever seen is a
dream that came true today
lost by tomorrow's eve
so now the dreamer is
left to grieve and their story goes like this...
Once upon a time
I used to have a life of abundance,
Man you should have seen my mansion
full of beautiful things
countless rings were right here
in this mahogany jewelry box
oh but that was long ago
but I'll show you.
I'll gain it all back again
Not once realizing the real sin
was poor management
See it was that senseless dreamer
that thought that they were the stream liner
of their own talents and destiny
now I don't propose that
one should serve the same God as me
but, I tell you
- you better sure have a sense
of some reality bigger than man
especially bigger than self
that kind of vanity will surely
bring you to the mirror
and no where else can you run
when face to face with that truth
well I think I've made my point but before I go
Listen to the youth.
Can't count them out
can't shut then down
If courageous enough to hear
their voices
your heart will beat to
rhythms of truth

(C)logocalpoetist August 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reality Check

" Take a chance today and see if anything shall become of it."
If no chance is taken then surely, nothing shall come...

It has been said that if one takes criticism and feeds themselves,their hunger is confirmed. "Hmmm..." Starving?" Perfection is not what is desired because it is not realistic. Betterment is truly attainable. When reaching upward we can touch so much. Yet,a cloud would disappear through our fingers.

It is not possible to tell others what a cloud is physically like but, surely one can explain the wonderful "high" of being so high up off the ground.

Education is powerful and crucial... Be clear... It is not ONLY found in books of academics but, rather in the book of life. What good is it; to be overflowing with knowledge; yet lacking of wisdom? Does knowledge give birth to wisdom? Is it not wisdom that whispers read and learn? Increase your understanding or go back to school?

The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight. 2. Common sense; good judgment

KNOWLEDGE-Familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study. The sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered,or

Stand not on the edge of knowledge alone..You may argue a point that you've only been taught. Instead lean on wisdom for it will catch you before you hit bottom!

(C)logicalpoetist August 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Life's Formation

106 degrees rule
hot sun screams
ceiling fan cools
soul swaying
beckoning for light
Jazz playing
possibility of a
harmonious night

Flame burns
wax drips
pauses in mid air
mint tea
warms lips
daggering stare
brown eyes bleed
hazel tears

Multiple colors
that exspress
yet camouflage
my metomrphosis

A new me
a larceny
of time
to the world
will the universe
still hold me
in it's arms

Will I be a butterfly
A wonder woman
or simply become
the next level I-

(C) logicalpoetist August 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Window of anticipation

Photo by Tinou Bao

Warm sighs... waiting
anticipating a call tonight
A voice that says come
be with me, saturate me
Capture blind side
induce vision
fine wine splashes glass
sips, wet lips,crash
of crystal

of incense smoke
dances above us
Soft music plays
Jazz of course
smooth silhouette...
your face
entertaining imagery
beauty so set aside
and apart... Amazing

How did we fall apart
are there any more doors
to walk through or
meadows to pick
Birds of Paradise
ice to cool hot love
apologies to accept
warm sighs... waiting
anticipating a call tonight..

(C) logicalpoetist
July 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Art of Making Love

Photo by: Jerry

Peel back the blanket of her disguise
See the truths behind what she denies
never see her truths as lies
kiss tears from the corners of her eyes
don't be the reason she ever cries

Caress the softness of her skin
compliment the goods she holds within
Listen when you want to speak
while she is talking stroke her cheek

Repeat back to her what she has told
watch as the trust simply unfolds
Stare deep and glaring into her eyes
for these are the windows to her soul

What you see is what you get
do not walk out or become upset
for every part that you discover
seek understanding
don't run for cover

Take time to hug, hold and caress
although she excites you
Don't always seek sex
A woman wants to be appreciated
for her intellect

Get into her mind
study her library of thoughts
file them alphanumerically
within your heart
reference often
what you've been taught

verbalize both passion and desire
seek an internal place of higher
Place her at the top of your list
show her always your tenderness

Now when you lie down with her day or night
You'll find that it's the ultimate flight
love never starts between the sheets
and it is only good when you've
laced it with the necessary sweets

If your intimacy is a wreck
it's probably that you've
just been having sex

(C)logicalpoetist July 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Poet's Determination

As I tap my fingers against these keys trying to decide what to write. What comes to mind is the loneliness that one feels on the way to the height of their destiny.
My experience comes to mind. Reflections of the attacks on my life, from the very day that I was born. I was a very brown skinned, chubby bundle as I am told. Jolly in spirit and all though just born; possessed an old soul.

Of course I don't remember that far back but, I do remember the first attack. It was about the age of six. Auntie & Uncle left me in their Mercedes Benz and went into uncles Automotive shop. If I remember correctly the car was a powdery, metallic blue with tan leather interior and smelled strongly of men's cologne. It smelled like uncle. He was always "clean" although, he was the owner of an Auto body business.

As I sat in the car, I stared at the front door of the shop in anticipation of their return.
This man(white)came out and appeared to be one of my uncles employees. He had on a Navy blue, Mechanics outfit, that was soiled with oil. His hands were greasy and his hair dirty, blond. He spotted me in the window of the car and began squinting his beady blue eyes at me. Then he lit up a cigarette;never taking his eyes off me.

I, never took my eyes off him. As we stared at each other, I searched for a smile or a hello from him but,instead, he stuck out his tongue and rattled it at me. I did not understand. I did not take my eyes off him but, I did stretch my eyes in fear.
After a moment or so, the man began massaging his (genitalia) personal area and squeezing himself aggressively. I remember being terrified and confused.

The next thing I knew, he pulled it(penis) out)and started walking toward the car. I cringed; crouched down in the seat and started wishing for my aunt and uncle to come out of the shop. I don't know what happened but,I heard the man saying;
"Renz(my uncle)that is a cute kid you got there." My uncle returned a thank you;she is my niece... Uncle tapped on the window and prompted me to say hello to the man.
The look on my face must have told him something because,instantly he asked me "what's the matter niece?"
The man escaped confrontation by saying he better get back to work. He waved at me and said;"see you later princess." I never said a word. As my Aunt and uncle got back into the vehicle, my aunt noticed that,I didn't look so well in the face. So, she began questioning me. My uncle followed her lead.

I told them what the man had done. My uncle Renz immediately jumped out of the car and rushed back into the shop. Within moments,I saw the guys body come flying through the front door, by this time; his face was completely covered in blood! My uncle was screaming that he'd better "F-ing" apologize to me, or he is going to kill him! The man began yelling;I'm sorry and was crying like a feline. My uncle screamed,"your fired!"

I always wondered why the man did such a thing to me. I was only six.

Well to fast forward, similar experiences continued as I grew up. Some even succeeded further violations. Thank God that I have dealt with them but, it robbed me of my innocence and for a long time, it stole my voice and self-esteem.

Now, as I reflect,I realize that asking why is not important. Understanding why, is... My understanding has come from a solid relationship with God. I have not let ANYONE, tell me that, I am not good enough for the Lord to love; and believe me, so many have tried to convince me of this.

Every thing that I have encountered has made me strong. Each experience prepared me for the next and every single one contributed to my abilities to handle what, may have broken others down. Now, I do not profess to be a "stainless steel..." I had my fall between 1989 and 1991. I met a girl named Coca Aine and she and I,
"ran together for a minute." She became my best friend. So much so, that all my other friends had to go. I had no room for them.

Somehow or another I got tired of Coca because she was trying to spend every day and every moment with me. She did not want me to eat,sleep,or work. She definitely did not want me to be the mother that I had been in the past to my beautiful daughter. Coca even stole from me and encouraged me to steel from myself and others. Coca had me lying to myself and to others so,yeah, she needed to go.

I managed to remember the teachings of my grandmother in my most terrified moments.

Nana had taught me that prayer changes things. Prayer can move the mountains that we cannot. I incorporated prayer because as desperate as I had become, it was the one thing that I had not tried to dismantle my relationship with Coca. It worked. I know today that prayer without works is dead because as I look back; I did have to take the necessary actions in conjunction with prayer.

I had to stop hanging out with friends of Coca and find new friends. I had to fill these gaps with some previous good friends and I had to work hard to be a better person in every way. Most importantly, one of my resources taught me that if I did not deal with my violations then they would haunt me again and possibly Coca would make her way back into my life. The thought of this scared me so much that,I began professional counseling with a therapist.

I utilized other tools like support groups. I was getting stronger and stronger.

Six years into my recovery process, I tried to help a friend with her relocation back to our hometown by subletting her my apartment. I had met her during my healing period and she too was recovering from her life's fall. I had grown very close to her but she'd left to go back to the state where she was originally from. Well, I heard that she wanted to now transition back to the town where we'd become friends.
I had a home in Burlington, Massachusetts and an apartment in Malden, Massachusetts that, was vacant and furnished. I Offered my friend a sublet lease.

Due to some previous credit issues that prevented her ability to turn on utilities in her own name;I turned the utilities on in my name for her. One day, I got a call from the light company that my lights were going to be shut off, due to non-payment of the bill. It had not been paid since she moved in three months ago. I called her and discussed it and was assured by her that, she would take care of it.

I warned her that the light company stated that they were scheduled to shut the lights off by 9pm if the bill was not paid.

Later that evening my friend called to accuse me of turning the lights off on her and her son. I was shocked! I defended myself by referencing the earlier conversation but, she was not trying to hear me and the accusations grew stronger and stronger. Finally, I got angry and said; that even if I did. "You have not paid the bill for three months!" It just dawned on me; "What was her rational?" The truth is, I did not have them turned off.

I believe that to this day she holds this untruth in her heart. I have not seen, nor spoken to her in about fourteen years. Our relationship ended with her having her sons father threaten me and the two of them accusing me of relapsing in my recovery.

This roomer was spread all over Boston where I'd lived at the time.

Many of the so called friends believed and sided with her and turned their backs on me. I don't blame them as she had more years of knowing them than I. My life went on and I am sure all of theirs did as well. The reason that I shared all this is because I owe it to myself to tell my side of the story as no one's ever asked me.

Personally I never felt the need to explain to people who had formed opinions.

The point here is, that even after establishing a covenant relationship with my Lord and savior; challenges have never stopped. The attacks on my life have never quit. The adversary has worked diligently to Steal, kill and destroy my soul.

Clearly, I have not let it stop me. I have persevered through it all. And just think, you haven't heard one tenth of my story. I thank God for my journey here.
I look forward to more of His Mercy and Grace because, I know that neither He, nor the adversary are through with me yet.

I pray that this small part of my story encourages someone and teaches them that they must not quit and that they are never alone.

My life has birthed my ability to paint these pages of encouragement for other children in the struggle... Here are a few things to always remember. Love hard, forgive yourself first so that it's easier to forgive someone else, be responsible, work hard, tell the truth no matter how scary or hurtful it may seem and always pray to your higher power. Mine is God and He does not mind being yours too! Most of all always pray and seek both instruction and direction.

Life really is what you make it!

(C)logicalpoetist July 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

seasons of change

Suddenly life just changes
feeling of sudden shift
everything just re-arranges
hem that has no stitch
hands on the clock
representative of time

time seems to be running out
if blessed with more
be very sure to dance laugh
and shout-

Life is a precious gift
time meant to be shared
yet many treat time as if
it last forever
many just don't care

the sky is soft and blue
containing thousands of clouds
in all of it's peacefulness
it speaks so very loud
rain falls on everyone
it's no excuse to be rude or mean

Winter promised windy days
summer pronounces green
Now fall, it demands change
and spring is when change is seen

Each season of life brings purpose
a contribution not instantly understood
time sometimes runs out
whispers "it was all for good"

epiphany speaks in relative form
what is displayed to the heart
was it worth it all
simply was norm

why then does complexity
play such a part
for if it were easily understood
underdeveloped would be our hearts

Lord knows better than we
change builds integrity
and strength..
If left up to us
we'd choose no pain
we'd go the shortest length

Learning little or nothing
gathering bits and pieces
we'd take forever learning lessons
under-qualified for God's increases

acceptance and faith
true keys to happiness
all things in the Master's time
be advised
His gifts are'
the very best!

(C)logicalpoetist June 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Raging scream story untold
it has been lived so it must unfold
wrinkled lines represent ones soul

light is bright yet it's really not
exausted and suffocating in the dark
threw those slabs off my back
realized late back had cracked

Now mending...

Bending upward nice and slow
Rapidly life's begun to flow
sometimes in order to gain
one must let go

(C)logicalpoetist 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Divine Encounter

As, I sat on a bench reading the book of life. A woman approached me. She had eyes as deep as the sea and very dark skin that shined like a polished moon. Her hair was thick and very natural. She held out her hands, both hands. Can you help me she asked. What is it that you need my sister? I couldn't help but ask. She said money to eat. As, I looked into her face, I could not help, but notice that her eyes were red like fire. It appeared, that there was so much pain in them. I also noticed that she had a blanket tied around her waste and with her 3 bags of her belongings. I asked her if she were homeless and she said yes. Still holding out her hands. While reaching into my bag for money I stared at her palms. I placed a gracious gift in her hands... I couldn't help but to notice that this woman had in each of her hands a piercing indentation. Instantly, I thought of Jesus. I asked her where she was from? Surprisingly she answered; Egypt. How did you get here, I asked? Do you have family here? She said that she came here in search of life but all the souls are dead. She then said but for your compassion you are blessed. Thank you.. and she left. I felt something that I had never felt before as I watched her until she was completely out of my view. I believe with everything in me that she was more than what she appeared. It pays to look past what we see with our physical eyes.

(C) logicalpoetist April 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irreprable damage

Sometimes a person has to give up what is dearest to them to find peace. The discovery that one has lost them self while in their own company is yet, a painful discovery. Life is complex and the idea that while loving someone else one can actually lose who they are seems ludicrous, but it happens. However, it is not just love that plays a role in that loss. It is the job, the kids, friends outside a couples relationship and even technology that distracts us.
Rather you be the one dispensing the distractions, or the recipient of them; it eventually becomes a lose lose.

I have seen & heard wives crying out to their husbands for family & personal time. He responds with such detachment to the situation. "Well someones gotta pay the bills around here.." Likewise a wife who thinks that because she too is a bread winner that it's OK, to neglect her spouse & children of home cooked meals, help with homework and sexual pleasure to her mate.

So now there is an echoing silence in the home. The spouses have seperate lives instead of the life and partnership they married to create. The children have reached an age of independence and take no interest in time at home because they have been raising themselves thus far. They have taken interest in finding answers to their questions elsewhere. Most of all they have been shown how to fracture a family rather than build one.

The rest is not hard to gather. The love ends... the bow breaks... Separation,divorce, and for the kids... Fear, doubt insecurity, premature sex, drug experimentation, violence and seragate families called gangs.
The point of my expression here is that, once something precious is lost, seldom is it regained and even if it is; it is not regained with the pureness it once had. Take nothing for granted Life is short. The only thing that makes life and love last is quality.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What have I done to be deserving?

Today, I am pondering the people in my life. Particularly friends. They are my reflections of self. I am aware today of the significance of having solid friendships. God did not place us on this planet to be alone. Yet everyone here is not our friend. We all have a purpose indeed; yet not necessarily to each. We are attracted to one another by physics, by spirit, by commonality.
Have you ever really taken a deep look into the eyes of your friends. If so what you should find there is love, concern, compassion, interest in your dialogue, support of your dreams or vision for your life. I am inspired this morning to write about my friendships because undoubtedly, I am blessed with some of the best friends that this universe can offer me. My friends are a compliment to the wellness of my being. We all experience sadness and no one ever really knows the depth of an others pain, hurt, or disappointment. The last thing that we want when going through an emotional time is to feel that no one cares. Sometimes, we don't hear the depth of an other's cry for help and sometimes, we leave people alone in that way. This is OK as long as it's not YOU in need of support right? I think not.

Let us remember to be as we were commanded by God; responsible for one another. Someone needs to hear from you today. If you don't know who, just pick up the phone and reach out to a friend that perhaps you have not spoken to in weeks, months or years. Perhaps send them a literary correspondence letting them know that they are not forgotten. I am thankful that although most of my friends are far and few, I have been divinely favoured when I look at my selection of friends. I see pieces of myself in them and them in me. I now live in a place where I was not birthed and therefore have no roots. Yet, I am establishing new friendships and can see, and feel the exchanges of emotions. There is the existing compassion, concern for my well being and support of my vision for my life. FOR THE FREENESS OF THESE GIFTS WHAT HAVE I DONE TO BE DESERVING? As I think about it... I am careful and do not mean to appear tainted by vanity. Yet, I say for the purpose of inspiration only; being a good friend must have a lot to do with it.

The most powerful force in the universe is KARMA. The Lord promises that if we sow a good seed, we shall reap a fruitful harvest. Today, may you take the time to think about who you are, what contributions you are making to others.

GOD BLESS you & your friendships.

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will you pass the test?

There is an old saying; "give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach a man how to fish and he shall eat for a lifetime. Well what do you do when the teaching is immoral? It is evident that what is being taught will feed you. At least in the physical sense; It will open the door for quick cash, seeming to resolve the need at hand. The pressure of being hungry, thirsty, lonely where one stands and simply tired of standing. This is a dangerous place. It is a time when you can guarantee that the forces of evil will dress themselves up real pretty and present themselves before you.

"The question is:

Will you yield to temptation or will you wait on God?"

Grandma used to say; "child all that glitters ain't gold." You wondered then what she was talking about. I have had my back flattened to the wall and my mind loaded with heavy thoughts. The bills and the bill collectors calling my phone and streaming my mailbox. I've seen the shadows come and felt them hanging over my head. I have gone to the ice box and saw only ice, I have awaken in the morning to find my only means of transportation gone. I have asked for help and no one answered my cry and then suddenly. I realized that someone was watching and listening to the whole spiral. I looked up and there was a "sweet resolution." Oh, how it looked good. Smelled good and I could clearly see that it would get me up out of this mess.

Yet, when I looked a little bit closer; I could see that there were thorns on that seeming way out. If I touched it, I would get pricked. There are times that we reach just a little too fast to resolve our own problems because desperation is beating down our door. I tell you that this is the time to Latch on to faith. See just like the adversary is listening to your problems. Most importantly, so is God. If you wait on him, put your trust in him he won't feed you for a day but, rather a lifetime.

Now some of you are thinking "if God is so good then, why am I in this situation in the first place?" That is a very intelligent question.... I encourage you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself have you been following God's instructions for your life. I encourage you to look deeply into yourself for the answer. Most times it is we ourselves that create our problems by not listening to the spiritual teachings provided us. We think that we control our destiny, so we fell prey to ways in which we thought made us a little better off. We can see now that our way did not work, it only provided for the time being. I tell you that it is testing time once again. What will you do? Will you seek yet again, your own resolution or will this time you allow the Lord to show you how to fish? The water from the well is fresher than the water from the glass. It is also plentiful.

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

The wages of Truth

You rise up in me like
a bolt of lightning
to my thorax
Born from the epitome
of my abdomen

Like rocks, molten
volcanic explosion
your disturbance brought
such corruption
then you were calm

Characteristics of a typical
storm, norm...
Do I blame.. No...
am I in pain yes...
Cannot pretend that
your wrath is not my own
vacant soul echoes
lost tenant empty home

violation, victimization
raided the infrastructure
Of our dwelling
couldn't resist loving
the beauty of your
tornado... Sweet salt
In his image made
Are we all....
I still noticed your rainbow

Now I've confessed the mess
the raging winds have caused
And am left to ponder the loss
Of you entirely and I am
defined just a postdiluvian

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hint of Time

To dream the impossible dream
Staying loyal to ones vision
To understand that clocks'
don't represent what time it is
or dictate the accuracy of an action

oh, but a clock can be a distraction
if you watch it moment to moment
or an infraction on your time because
it imposes an anxiety attack

Now you're gonna be late because
you cannot be calm... You must now
take some time to relax yourself.
You know that if you show up
with your adrenaline so high
you will fumble...

You may tremble when you speak.
Perhaps even misinform because
your memory freezes.
Clock's actually steal your time
Have you ever thought about that

Next time you stare at the clock
remember the sun, moon and stars
let the sun light your way
the moon show your phase
and the stars direct your path

dream the impossible dream and just go-

(C)logicalpoetist March 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blue wax

She sat at her marbleized table
thinking about her life
Years seemed to wipe away her war stories.
Some of them manufactured poems and plays.
Her writing over the days
gave new definitions to the pain
that once caved her back.

Yet, as she sat on this day
she felt a nagging resurface of history
that seemed to be blistering her soul
It burned like firey lit coals
and took hours to form ash
So, she lashed out with a scream-

She lit a candle and watched the flame dance
It's rhythm seemed to be singing her blues,
so her tears began to fall
Each one hitting the flame,
each one refusing to aim
itself any place other than it's reality
The reality that the pain
never really disappears

Cycles of camouflaged aches
that remind her still they're alive
They only lie dormant in her safe place
That is her literary expressions
of poetry and plays

What happens when
she gets writer's block
or actors stage fright
Or, simply fears that
she looks naked to all the world,
like when Eve ate forbidden fruit
recognizing along with Adam,
that she was without clothes

Her tears flow, knowing that
if her writer's block stays too long
she too curses the world
she too disappoints herCreator,
just like Eve.
So, she forces herself to scribe
as she glances forth and back
at her her burning candle,
her tears still falling into the flames.

sizzling... As she watches it's rhythm
she realizes surely, she's not to blame,
her epihany is born upon pages and
she is comforted by her pen.
Her candle releasing a scent
so calming that clarity came.
Pain is met to be remembered
because it teaches,reminds, strengthens

Although, it's resurfacing at times
is incosiderate of time
and Uncomfortable
It is evident that now she stands.

She is 5'3 and the world views her small,
Yet the universe knows She is tall.
The universe knows that she rules
the universe in it's sole existence
defines why she had to go through

She is forever great and
she's made even greater
each time the moon turns
As Stars churn like butter
she is smooth,she is rich
she is pure despite her uninvited
violations. As life is Karma
she... Is Mother

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grand Finale

Leaky pen, torn pages
representative of soul sages
shattered emotions dry bones
defines wisdom and ages
desperate voice crying aloud
experiences few are proud

strong hands of hard work
smiles that speak to a minimal play
raging memory wrinkled roses
internal butterflies
metaphoric vision helps hide
alidad captures the truth inside
behind all the isms and false defines

Attempted robbery, of spiritual high
lies, lies ,cries, cries
streaming tears from souls flask
embellished result.. bask.. bask

leaky pens still extend,
pages whole souls blend
torn no more healed emotions
lubricated bones not sore
age now giving birth to wisdom
soul sages baked pages
setting stages, aromatic release

knowledgeable increase
meditation displays answers
revelation forces reflation
elation of buried complications
No more judgements God in me
simply put... sufficient
No more racing, gracefully pacing
humbly giving mightily living

(C) logicalpoetist February 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Harmonic Twang

Softness, sweetness, breath warming ones neck,
oily palms, caressing,savoring
unsure of what to expect.
Wind chimes tingling the tips of lobes
drum line of beating hearts
articulate rhythmic souls

Time uncounted calculation cannot sum
past has become present suddenly unexpectedly
board erased,equation remains undone
destiny is now, eternity forever more
simply a contest of faithful supply

hidden treasures discovered under a stream
a constant light a solid beam
beacon of words yet silence speaks loudest
sand is molten rock
soft in texture somehow hardest

crystallized glass
reflect an internal glare
awed stare an empty chair,
a missing link a broken chain
unexplained wink, misconstrued pain
epiphany of unintended sermonized cold
once a drum line of beating hearts
once articulate, rythmic souls

(C)logicalpoetist February2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food for a Parasite

The question has come up? "Have we outgrown each other as friends?" The answer remains to be found in the now. Sure that it will reveal itself in the latter of time. Age does something to people. While people grow older they definitely change. The change is sometimes painful to the ones that are at the hands of an others change.

Tired of making excuses for you...Tired of accepting your busy life as an excuse for you to halfway or sometimes not at all; be there when I need you... Just tired of it. Why? Because whenever you call I am there... When, I call you cut me off to say that you need to go, or start the conversation telling me that you have just a few moments. Who do you think you are that your life veils more importance than my own?Did it not matter to you when I always said... "No, I am not busy..." Did it ever cross your mind that in twenty years, that I had to be (busy) some of that time but, just wanted to listen to you? Be there FOR YOU! Did you ever realize that you are the one to conclude all of our conversations? Of course you haven't...

Now, I find that my heart is broken because of all the people that I know; I never thought that you would disappoint me. As sad as I am... I must be the strong one now... I must realize that you have been selfish with you at my expense... and I... I don't like it. I will not accept it.... I could not stop it before because I loved you too much to notice it... I never saw your parasitic way until today. Yet because I saw it today... We shall have no tomorrow... Too many bites taken from my soul... No more! One more thing... Although you hurt me... I will always love you my parasite... I am who I say I am...

(C)logicalpoetist January 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Education powerful indeed. It brings a gift of knowledge. Wisdom is equal to water it is life and the gift of all gifts. Let it be known that without education one could still survive. Without wisdom however, one would surely die

(C) logicalpoetist January 2010