Tuesday, December 29, 2009


shedding soul
evidence physical masses
everything from hair loss to glasses
In the cup is a thick of Molasses

still it runneth over
Watching and feeling
the slow out pour
of my destiny
This sticky journey-

Lifting swollen feet high
trying not to create a mess
Gods spoken word grafitis on a chest
weight carried within ones breast
Least follow the words that I write
Courageously stay

willing to fight the foe
Is it dark or really dawn
does anyone really know
close to my break thru
continue to carry on

The pastor preaches your right there
his penetrating words
child don't be overtaken by fear
A little more hope a little more time
sublime is my energy within selected time
Persevering, mind made up
Going to get to the other side-

Blindly trusting my ride...

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009