Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What is the impossible to find answer, to the unanswered questions?
Is it variable in its value once found, if ever be found as such variety of choices
Shall exist in sequence containing a count from zero to instance and a moment will pass...

Faster than light yet breath taking with power. Infinite power unsolved by thought satisfied only by process
therefore determining one thing that process defeats time and time cannot be clocked
I hope you're not lost. Are you tossing this all round in your mind? The more one tries to define the deeper and more entwined they will be come. Again the sum is unresolved so what makes you think you can resolve the universal code
That nobody knows but will unfold. Manifestation will happen just expect it but don't count days; nor measure mileage.. It will not produce leverage of a more expeditious arrival;that's why its considered travel...

Speeding is not allowed... There are set limits that going too fast may detain, delay, or possibly alter the divine plan. Not good... It's already been written not to prove smitten just following direction not instruction. No distinction no detracting; Avoid retracting... Whole action, not a fraction. Be still, be patient wait... stay faithful... faithful stay...

(C) logicalpoetist December 2009