Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recycle of Source

A dream a real dream is something that you've invisioned for a lifetime. It is the prophetic strength of imagination that influences the spirit to do.
Ones real dream is a physical manifestation of the prophecy playing out in a mental pictoral.
The vision of whatever it is for an individual may start as early as birth and may play as infinitively in ones mind during ones lifetime. Unfortunately if the vision is not persued the individual leaves there vision to the mercy of death.

Often we cannot seem to tap into the right resources to make our vision physical. The reason for this is that perhaps what we see as resourceful is just a mere distraction. Perhaps it is an actual hindurance. Perhaps he that gives us our vision has not included this resource as a part of the divine plan. Such manifestation is exclusive therefore. Not inclusive of what one may want. Remember the plan has already been written. You are not the writer nor illustrator just the vessel of view.

Your vision is yours alone and no one can see it but you and your creator.
We must come to realize that our creator is our source therefore we don't need a resource.

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009