Monday, October 5, 2009


Now the sun rises in a soul
long lost soul that felt
only the coldest of winters
splinter thin icicles suspended
from chords of vocality
as angry verbiage and infliction
of brutality weakened an esteem

Now the sun rises in a soul
never knew that the rivers
and waters were troubled
contaminated from pollution
inflicted in a tender time
a time called childhood

who has taken the time
to listen and understand
people yet seek to
be understood
that's just the way it is
in the hood

So the children grow
unattended to
raising themselves
trying to create a way out

homicide, suicide, selling
and buying drugs and guns
to use in their own neighborhood
resulting in genocide

somehow not all were swept
some were kept by morals
gained during that same
tender time,
keeping their heads
lifted toward the sky

some referenced
and inquired how to aspire
despite the most
horrible of circumstance

Now the sun rises in a soul
Soul's mother
danced her last dance
with a heroin shot
to her veins
what is heroic about that

Souls father
found dead in an ally
faced down suffocated
in his own blood
shot... because he messed
up a gangsters money
selling crack

Souls siblings all scattered
through out the system
yet soul kept referring back
to lessons taught earlier on
when granny was alive
Soul chose to abide

Now the sun rises in a soul
rise soul rise also in the sun
reference but never look back

(C) logicalpoetist October 2009