Saturday, October 3, 2009

Self's Song

Can you see the beauty that you posses
will you caress your confidence,
finesse your acceptance
of self
Has your mind seen the supremacy of your being
because your sight could not comprehend
and then.....
Did you stop and say
that God sends the perfect you
the vital you
that can only fulfill the purpose
given you...
and at that moment
did you embrace that you are all that you need to be
that it's not what other's see that make you who you are
but its the who that you believe that you are
that matters...
It is crucial to see that you are a beautiful being exactly as you are
If you are not loyal to you
then who will be
We can only survive on other's love for so long
A song does not run out of words or melodies
if so it would not be a song
love long, love hard, love you
like you loved that person that you gave everything to
and who scorned your soul in return...
Yearn... yes burn
then soothe
and cool
in a pool of self acceptance.
You've never had a bath like this..
Lay your head back and relax in your self confidence
that you can and will not just be
man or a woman
but that you will dent your heals in every grain of sand possible.
Residual dew will remain from the waters you've poured into life
long after your gone
Can you see why I go on and on
encouraging you to love thine self as you are
and if there is something about
you that makes you sad-
Change it
are worth it!

(C) logicalpoetist October 2009