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write2live - About Me

write2live - About Me

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Many people believe that although you are with someone; They cannot see you... There are things that we all hide in order to feel accepted. Sometimes one believes, that if someone knew the real them that another person would not like them as much or not befriend them... In believing this, it becomes an invitation to a private place (cocoon) where only you (the person hiding) can enter.

Subconsciously, believing that friends and other loved ones don't see.

Many times they do see and love us anyway... Awaiting the day that you will freely be who you are, so that you'll realize that you are loved for who and what you are; Accepted for all of what makes you you.

The disadvantage to any relationship is, that often ones secrets are usually leaking, and being exposed despite their attempt to hide.

To witness ones denial of self acceptance is painful for the ones loving them, because we want them to be free. Sadly recognizing they are ashamed and hurt by their inadequacies.

The journey to heal however becomes a joint venture if we are to continue loving that person. Sometimes the road gets rough between the two because the issues start to swell and taint the relationship.

Often times years go by... The people involved have remained cemented in each other's lives and the results are very messy and confusing.. Sometimes this entanglement causes the relationship to break.

I believe strongly in certain life tools; Honesty at best, prayer at most and willingness at least...

Theoretically people are not honest with themselves and others because, they fear facing and working to fix their issues, and being accepted despite their issues. "People do not necessarily make it easy either." Some people can be crucially judgemental..

Despite these fears, healing is needed... The only road to recovery for any person, is the road one will walk to get through their issues. Therefor "you" must start the journey. Only you can...

Loved ones; whether family, friends, or lovers can only be of support. If you opt to hide, you rob them of the opportunity to help, and even worse you rob yourself of the opportunity to grow and be better.

Therapy is also a wonderful tool. It allows one to free themselves without the possibility of being judged or further hurt, as there is no personal relationship or interest. It is a safe place.

The real you is a beautiful you... and none of us are without flaw...

"If anyone thinks that they are perfect... they are the most imperfect!"

Be courageous today... Make an admission that you are not perfect.. Know that it is okay and that God in fact created you this way... Take a necessary step toward your journey to be healthier, and trust that your support loves you for you; imperfections and all.

Whether you realize it or not, those that have taken the time to be close to you, have already seen your shortcomings and accepted your imperfections..

May you Be forever Real, and always blessed... When you look in the GLASS, may your reflection always mirror the truth- ase'

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