Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sour Apples

Posting Date is: Wednesday September 23, 2009

Take a bite out of life
surprised at what's inside
could be bitter
could be sweet
warm or as cold as ice

I've heard plenty
that make sense...
confronted with a situation
Oh how soon do we forget

Horses brought to the well
none seem to want a drink
extend ones hand
attempt to pull one up
why do they choose to sink

Saving is impossible
if one does not want to be free
easy does it... do not push it
simply let them be

Never made lemonade
out of lemons dealt...
Why apply heat
if it will easily melt

Count the blessings
let it go... run with all
that's still left
Barrel half full
of sour apples
residual taste remains
on ones breath

All apples may be spoiled
by a single worm
It is possible to find one
not gone bad at all

in it's taste even after
it withstands a storm
search and search
until you find a
perfect, uncorrupted one
(C) logicalpoetist September 2009