Thursday, September 17, 2009

Appreciate You

Why not celebrate today? Does not matter that it may not be your birthday. So many people pay homage to their existence on the single day they were born. It is fair to say, that this is the result of what we've been taught and conditioned to do.

Whether you know it or not, you have a special purpose here on earth. Sometimes we are making our contributions, despite ourselves. Many can agree if honest, that we can be our own worst critic. Sadly spending so much time doubting one's own contributions, feeling that you make no contribution to the world.

The truth is that when something passionate sits in your heart and you make no attempts to pursue your passion, that you are lacking faith in yourself.
Staring at the distance as opposed to taking a tiny step that will shorten it.
Good medicine for the soul is to find a reason to celebrate you every day. Celebration is liberating. It does not however need to to be a party or other flamboyant event. It can be a day that is soft and sleek. Most of all your celebration needs to be about you and make you feel good inside.

Each day the majority of people awake and begin to prepare for work.

If you are at work how can you celebrate yourself there?

I've bought something like an affirmation plaque, or a hand crafted, miniature collection of nick knacks and placed them on my desk. They were items that said something powerful about me or encouraged me in someway.

At lunch instead of pinching pennies, I've sat in a park to breath in some fresh air and gaze the greenery that surrounds me during a fifteen minute break. Appreciating my time with myself.
During lunch, instead of getting fast food I prepare something special for myself the night before, or eating something special that I purchased instead. When you eat healthy and well you are loving, appreciating, and celebrating your body.

Remember, it's about you and what makes you feel good inside. It could be turning off your phone and reading a few pages from your favorite book. Treating yourself to a massage, it can be anything that you choose. Just choose... Find something about you that is worth celebrating because we all have something.

The value of who you are rests within what you think your worth. So in celebrating yourself in someway daily, You are then building your spirit. Solidifying your value and strengthening your confidence that you are worthy of so much more. Celebrating and appreciating the friend, sister or brother that you are to the world is needed everyday.

If you have smiled at someone today, you have made a contribution to the world. You deserve to acknowledge the smile that you brought out of that person that you smiled at. We all give something. Celebrate your importance to the universe!


This blog is dedicated to my dearest friend Sharon

(C) logicalpoetist September 2009