Friday, September 4, 2009

Four Doors and Faith

Image created by L'UNOCCHIO

Each morning when Thomas awoke, he had the same routine. He would get out of bed, fall to his knees, and deposit his prayer to the heavens. After that, he would eat a fairly large breakfast, then he'd head out to work. Thomas is a very tall and handsome guy with a very mild mannerism. He has a deep voice yet, speaks very low.

Door one

When he entered his work place everyone could expect that Thomas would start them all off on a positive note. Thomas never failed to deliver. He'd give them a big bright smile and speak to every one in his path. He'd ask them all how their morning has been thus far. Then, he'd move on. He just seemed to be an indication of radiant light and warmth, he had a certain Aura.

Door two

During Thomas' lunch break he decided that he would drive to his favorite Italian deli to grab a sandwich. While completely stopped, he waited to turn into the entrance. Suddenly there was a Loud "bang" to Thomas' car. He had been hit in the rear by the car behind him. When Thomas got out to see what had happened he first observed that his vehicle had major damage. The entire trunk area was pushed in, almost to the back seats of his car.

As he looked to the right he noticed that the car that hit him, had been hit by another car. As the three involved drivers observed the damage of their vehicles the out come was that, Thomas'car was the only one that had actually been damaged.
The three men followed proper procedure and exchaged their information. Thomas was then left behind to await his towing company. His car could not be driven.

As you can imagine this was just the beginning of some major frustration. "So one would think."

Door three

"Hello... is this Friendly Car Rental? My name is Thomas Austin, and I was just in a car accident... Yes ma'am, I am fine thank you," Thomas said. "I will however, be needing a car immediately, Thomas said and asked, what do you have available?" Satisfied with the choice of rental-car; he provided his location, ended the call, to await being be picked up-

Door four

Thomas preceded into the deli as though nothing had happened. He was whistling, and praising God with hymn. When he entered the deli while standing in the service line, another customer approached the line. Since Thomas had not decided what to eat, he offered to exchange places. His attitude had not been swayed by the accident at all.

Finally, it was his turn in line as he preceded with ordering lunch. To Thomas' surprise the greeting he received from the server was, "Welcome to Tony's Italian deli, and how has your day been thus far?

Thomas flashed his winning smile and said a little louder than usual; My day has been outstanding! I awoke this morning, I am in my best mind, and I have my health and strength! It has been a beautiful day! The young man replied excitedly, "That's good stuff!"

It was as if Thomas had not even been involved in a accident. He stayed calm and collected throughout the entire ordeal.


I imagine that when Thomas remembered first, to acknowledge God when he awoke this morning; He knew that this was most important.

I imagine that when Thomas walked into work earlier that day; smiling and spreading joy, he must have conceded to the importance of others and being polite.

I imagine that when Thomas saw that his car, was the only damaged vehicle in the accident and decided to look at the fact that he himself had not been harmed.
That he considered God's favor upon his life.

I imagine that when Thomas proceeded with getting lunch after such an experience, maintaining his faithful attitude; That when the young man greeted him in the deli with the exact words that,Thomas greeted his co-workers with;
Thomas realized that this was God's way of being pleased with him and acknowledging Thomas' way.


(C)logicalpoetist September 4, 2009