Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dirty Rain

Wear a mask
plastic smile
upon an iron face
sew a dress
beautiful silk
covered with
UN-removable stains

Drink from a glass
only half full
filled with dirty rain
take a heart piece by piece
injecting it with pain

walk 3000 miles
for the sake
of love
place the pieces
from your heart
in an empty cup

shake it,stir it
until it's
really sweet
take a sip
feel the lump
in your throat
tasting Like defeat-

keep on trying,
continue denying
that it's really good
Bitter flavor
drink up any way
Pray that it soothes
as it should

appease affliction
that we've lost
our way

Two hearts
one soul
can make it
if they try
sweeten up
that dirty rain
but don't dear deny
all that's been given
has also been taken
from a desolate place
don't wear that mask
or Iron smile upon your
only face

What seems to be done
may be reborn
if honesty appears,
not blame,nor denial
or the excuse
of wonder years
If the student
was not ready the
teacher could not

When the lesson
has been taught
as quickly
as it came
the blessings
for all involved
is successfully

yet may leave
the glass still
half full
still with
dirty rain

(C)logicalpoetist September 3, 2009