Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Keeping your cool is not always easy. It is definitely work. Sometimes, it's as though things just want to test you. Life's current just invades your space.
When this happens it is most important that we remember,this is a part of life.

"Great thinking precedes great achievement"
Myles Munroe-

It takes a certain amount of courage to accept life on life's terms. We all know that the power of a challenge can be overwhelming depending it's nature.

Thinking before acting is an exercise that takes practice.

It is human nature to respond or react to a situation but,we must choose how. Not taking a moment to pause may result in additional problems. They become nuances rather than resolutions.

Over time, I've been fortunate to learn many ways to exercise a calm, cool and collected demeanor. I've made sound decision to utilize what I've learned.

It is very empowering to keeping ones composure in an ugly situation. I find it very attractive. Keeping calm is powerful,self-containing and striking. It gets the attention of other's gracefully.

"I have found that Grace disables ignorance and the residue of grace has a dew of sweetness to it." Najai D'Raughn-

Personally, I've made up my mind to teach and be teachable in life. There are equal benefits to both. If You learn something and it helps you grow then, by all means pass it on. We are all educators in our own way. Everyone has something to offer and we all have something to gain by being receptive.

Perfection is not a man made quality.

To achieve control over ones temperament you must think of yourself as thermostat.
The whole idea is to regulate your temperature.

When you're at home depending if it's cool or too warm you would adjust the control regulating it to a comfortable setting. It's the same when dealing with people and situations.The huge benefit is that Karma is on your side so, ultimately you are in control of yourself.

Some of the ways that one can practice control is to take deep breaths and think through what is before you. Ask yourself what is the best response right now. You will be surprised that taking that one minute to think before you act will make a mojor dfference in the outcome.

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