Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shortest Distance BetweenTwo Points

"How far is the distance from frustration to freedom? It is as short as the journey of choice." The more I am a part of this beautiful universe. There is an increasing understanding of ones ability to choose.

There is a certain freedom in simply deciding not to stress a situation. A person, a place or a thing. Whatever it may be.

Life is a never ending change of events. Occurrences are not new and neither is it's current when certain events are taking place. To an individual that is feeling life's pinch a problem can seem so huge. Why? Because it is a thorn they themselves have not removed from their own side.

Most times it is we ourselves, that is causing the pinch of life. Simply, by not submitting to the power of of choice.

Choice carries power because we can choose to "Let go and Let God." (whatever you may call your higher power)you can, give away your frustrations to it. Just like an old pair of shoes that have served their purpose.

It is never a Long walk from frustration to freedom. We ourselves choose the distance when we wrestle against powers and principalities.
At any moment we can simply rest our cares upon the Lord. I have found that the journey is lengthy only if we do not.

For the man or woman that does not have a relationship with spirit God (whatever you may call him)

-the "trudge in life seems all uphill."

Just thinking about the climb when, one chooses to carry their burdens makes me exhausted. A good friend of mine Pastor Paula White, did a skit once on her televised ministry in an effort to demonstrate to her congregation and viewers, how we slump when we are carrying our own cares.

Paula narrated her point as, her assistants loaded heavy bags on each others backs. While they were adding to one an other's loads she spoke to a variety of issues. Each issue was representative of a load.

Each load in turn; represented some of peoples real life (stuff)issues. As the assistants piled more and more onto one an other's backs, you could see how the bags were beginning to weigh them down and slump them over. Picture a severely hunched back man or woman.

As I watched her demonstration from my own television. My eyes were opened. I could see these demonstrators looking weary and tired. I got it! The more we pile on in our lives the more we choose to carry and not cast; Greater is the contribution we make to our aging process and distract from our power and peace.

It was very evident that we ourselves are responsible for our own tire and frustration. At any time we can choose to take off our loads and hand them over to a power much greater than ourselves. I call him GOD...

The point here is not to encourage my belief upon any one but, rather to open minds to the option that one does have.

No one is exempt from the challenges of life. We all have them. They may differ in actual experiences however, challenge knocks on every ones heart.

Remember that you can always answer. You can say hello problem, today I release thee. I will carry you no more!

Sometimes we feel isolated in our experiences. We take on a mindset of thinking that no one understands... Sometimes we simply feel ashamed of our status because seemingly other's are better off.

We stare at an other's success instead of seeking our own.

However one may feel; The truth is that we all have the same concerns. There really is nothing unique about yours.

No matter what you call your God or higher power. Prayer itself is a spiritual and practical act. Praying for the courage to let go is essential. Humans hold tight that distorted comfort of familiar pain. Why? Because they've become so used to it that it begins feeling normal to go through changes.

Today I share with you that the distance from frustration to freedom is simplified by the leverage of choice-

You change the distance of your journey on the road of frustration when you choose to put down your luggage. You are now on the stylish road of freedom.

Best of Blessings

(C)logicalpoetist August 2009