Monday, August 24, 2009

He reminds me

The world is never real until a new life enters it. Somehow as we grow older we loose our sense of innocence. Our sense of respecting ourselves and others. Not all of us but many people do. When a new life enters the world it is a reminder, a trip down memories lane. It is an opportunity to witness innocence all over again.

There is a little fellow who is just six and a half hours old as I write this.
I saw his picture in the raw and so, many things went through my mind. How pure he is, how beautiful he is, how UN-influenced he is. The thoughts went on, "he is so dependent and vulnerable." He is so innocent-

I thought about all the children. All the children of today. The thoughts ran in reverse through my mind. The children are all clothed inappropriately; sagging pants that reveal their underwear to the entire public. They are impure because many of them speak foul English and slang as a regular language. Therefore, their looks lose points no matter how cute their faces are.

The children are influenced by poor role models, some which are their own parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, preachers. "I call out what I see!"
Our kids are NO LONGER innocent because many of them are guilty of horrible things.
I looked at Baby J and I thought to myself... Who will you become?

I believe that if you offer a child to God and; you raise him in the way he ought to go all will be well. Grandparent is an amazing role. More importantly it is a responsibility. I was taught by the best.

There is an old saying;It takes a village to raise one child. Twenty years ago we upheld this philosophy. We put the power in that saying. We raised our children.
We did not just have them and let other people raise them. What is worse now is, they are raising themselves. I see many parents give their children to much "load" too early.

I accept with gratitude the responsibility of being a grandparent. It is a gift that I am grateful for. Offerings to thee oh Mighty Lord my grandson as was my gran daughter as was my daughter upon their entrance into the world. Bless them with all that you have intended for them and nothing less.

Thank you father for you sacrifice that showed us all what true love for ones children should be. Thank you... Thank you... Now and forever more thank you...

logicalpoetist August 25, 2009