Thursday, August 13, 2009

Light Love Life

Expose yourself
I have seen you
yet do not know who you are

as I am telling you
many things about my inner being
my interior decor
uninformed of what you'll use it for

live in the trust of anothers being
fear blocks the blessings
It is dark and scary in that place of fear
so I am unafraid to expose my light.

Unafraid to let light expose my depth
for when they walked in fear
JESUS wept

I will not force tears from HIS eyes
cry instead will I...
suffered for me-
at HIS own expense

is payment a thorn made
crown upon his head
every inch of flesh
upon HIS body bled

No more suffering for my sake
no more being afraid
walk in faith
my way has been paid

Life's not always right
on it's best days
or it's worse nights

GOD says trust in HIM
crawl out of darkness
into sunlight

You're not loving
if you are protecting
you're not exposing
If you're hiding

You are an unknown soul
not really living
if you are afraid
of just LOVING

You are defeating
Gods intention
for you being
Not even seeing
that which HE has given

Your light your love
your life is moving
fast yet
no where going

unaware you're
defacing GLORY
shhhh, just hush...
end of story-

(C)copyright logicalpoetist August 2009