Saturday, August 8, 2009

Souls Flame

I saw Africa this morning
dawning a shadowed yawn
over my body's continent

Felt my spirit sweat
from the burning
of it's realness,

I confess that my palms
produce oil to bathe
the hands and feet of
souls wherever I go
When I come back
there is never flack
awaiting erectly at my

For I know
life isn't
Just breathing
the clouded mass
above our heads

My Locks deem
it distasteful
so they'd rather soak
in Frankincense oil

spoiling the noses
of those upon my path
evident wrath of
a daggered grace

injecting blessings
upon this place
obeying praying
saving souls

words of poetic expressions
mending, healing the world
time is but passing by
correction necessary
address the mess we've made

Universal chaos
job lay offs
leads one to seek
their souls relief
refuge from grief

So write... I must-
spilling words of knowledge
upon the planets floor
head held high am looking
toward mastery of all
that is expected from me

words are falling like
rain upon my crown
regurgitating them
from my mouth
tears ingrained
upon my face
receiving mercy receiving

Obedience pays
like suns rays
keep us warm
like peaceful waters
keep us calm

like wind whispering
beneath wings
Words heal
Soul now soothing

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2009