Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Excited about.. Saying goodbye

Goodbye's are usually not easy. Often they do not feel good because the reality is that it is time to let go. yesterday I spoke metaphorically about change. The reason that it is so hard to say goodbye is because there is a resistance to letting go.

Any attempt to hold on or an existing act not to accept something reaching completion, will only result in a delay of ones next journey.

Yes, it hurts when it is time to bid farewell to people or things; to a job or home.
If only we could just trust the journey forward. Feel excited about what is next.
Believing that greatness is what lies ahead-
There is so much power in that...

People and things are loaned to us by the creator. They were not intended to stay the same or remain forever-

Forever is a mere expression of until.
Until when? Until something comes to a close. Sometimes subjects that we are passionate about, without warning simply comes to an end. What is left is beautiful, no matter what the loss may entail. What is left is the memory.

-Memories of both good and challenging times. Memories we can savor when the "it" has gone.

Goodbye is not a bad thing. It is a part of life. As is death. If this can be accepted before a loss occurs. The benefit is both understanding and excitement.

With this in mind should we grieve? Absolutely. Grieving is a healthy response to loss as long as the grievance is not demonstrated in harmful ways.

Crying, talking about ones feelings, exercising, writing (my personal favorite) are all healthy ways to go through a bereavement period.

Crying cleanses your soul. Talking Free's what's inside. Exercise tunes your body and writing provides an opportunity to look at ones transition.

The latter can open up so many other positive experiences.

It is a WIN WIN situation!

I am saying goodbye and it feels good to know that; I am on my way to embark upon and experience the next level of greatness in life.

Do not resist change and do not be sad at goodbye. Instead bathe in your memories and embellish your journey