Monday, August 3, 2009

A word of encouragement to someone...

During a time of challenge is not the time to surrender. It is the time to grab tightly to what you can depend upon. Hopefully that dependence is not upon another human but rather something more solid like FAITH.

People have different beliefs so I am careful in my aim to not offend anyone. All beliefs should be respected although one may not agree.

Faith itself is the act of believing in something greater than the eyes can see.

Life comes at you hard and fast and if you are not careful you can find yourself swimming in fear, doubt and insecurity. One should however, fuel up on their faith at this time. We are beings of something much greater than ourselves. We hold the power to activate goodness in our lives.

The powerful weapon that unlocks this ability is faith. You have to believe that what you see is not necessarily what you get. What you can get is what you believe you can.

However faith is a subtle verb and needs to be supported by an action like "doing.."

If you combine faith with the act of doing it is impossible to fail. For example;
Mary can believe that she will pass her exam and may pray to do so but, if she does not study her material she may have defeated her chances.

Faith does not work well with laziness, only determination. Determination is simply a powerful vengeance to accomplish. Faith loves determination and will support it like a beam supports a building.

A change in thinking may become necessary to embrace this idea. If doubt fear and insecurity are in the forefront of your mind then practicing being faithful that things can change for you is the new thinking that is needed to have a successful experience.

Some people have been living in a cave of negative elements for a lifetime. Never thinking once that "perhaps they should try coming out of the cave into the light of faith."
In other words they have accepted that life is always going to be rough for them and will never get better. This is the biggest and saddest lie that one can feed themselves.

If this is what one believes then this is the force that is being called to you by you! If you do not believe in anything then you will gain nothing.
Challenge yourself today to change the way you think and start believing in what you desire to have, be or go.

If you feed desire with faith food you will regurgitate a festive harvest!

There are no special directions in becoming more faithful. Something helpful to know is that faith is not just a word it is a deed. it has to be off your lips and onto your heart-