Monday, July 27, 2009

Power of 200

One TRUTH is that nothing is promised.. You love and you give that's what's real. Stop trying to figure out the conclusion. God wrote your life you didn't.

Your job is to live faithfully. Believing in all things and expecting nothing. Yet expecting everything. This only makes sense if you understand the difference between entitlement and earnestness.

One must be a 100% whole being in order to reap full benefit of their own development. I don't believe in 50/50 relations. Do you know why? Think about it... If each enters the relationship with 50 percent then, both people are insanely trying to achieve having a wholesome experience..
Is that all that you want?
Both of you suffer from being incomplete souls.. A half full vision and a partial reward.

"Now if both have 100 + 100 this totals a 200 percent relationship."

There is something really beautiful about loving yourself enough to be alone until you are complete. You cheat both you and the other person when you enter their life half full or accept their mere 50 percent for yourself. Being a taker instead of a giver. Being taken instead of appreciated.
Believing that you are loving when your really hurting both souls.

I know that some can't handle this reality but, this is what's on todays menu... REALITY! I don't know who I am speaking to but if I disturbed you, if you felt a tingle in your belly or a lump in your throat? It is you.

Oh yeah,

Remember this-

God first, you second and everthing else falls into place... ACHE'