Friday, July 24, 2009

Do I...

My question is do I?
Do I place a smile
upon your face
When I act according
to style & Grace
Do I?

Do I Seduce your heart
with my gentle smile
When I say to you
stay a while.
Do I?

Do I
stimulate your intellect
with my dialogue
steal your attention
from that catalog
Do I?

When I ask please
turn that TV down
if I am not looking
will you frown or
do I
interest you in engaging me?

Do I entice your mentality
to sit and simply dream with me-
Do I?

Do I massage your mind
when we converse
discussing plans to elevate,
to achieve the dreams
we hold within
brief spells of time
we spend-

Do I
move your soul to a place
unlike any place else
you've ever gone
when I take time
to burn your favorite song,
send it via email
when you least expect

like during a meeting
or while you stand in line
writing a check-
Do I?

Do I
break into your heart
with the things I write
just like a thief in
middle of night
do I,
engage your attention
when I drag my pen across
pieces of paper
making it safer for tears to
cleanse your soul
simply because you sit alone
reading something that I wrote
Do I?

Do I intercept you
like a football game
on thanksgiving eve
because what I've written down
is just that deep?

Tell me.. is it a touch down
did I score?
Plenty more I am
willing and wanting to give

Like a delicious desert
I aim to please you
satisfy the sweet tooth
of your spirit

Do I
connect to your reality when,
I write about the paralysis
of this life
how it's handicapped innocent hearts
making them afraid to feel?

Do I enhance or even appeal
to your wondrous thoughts
Do I
make you seek within your
own soul an opportunity
to reach for more?

Do I encourage,inspire
promote your desire to
make a necessary amends
to a long lost friend

does my writing,
my blogging every day
make clear what I am trying to do
to heal or repair your hurts and pains
set you walking
in brand new shoes.

Unworn,life not torn
perhaps a reborn you
I sure hope I do

It's the only way if you say
that when I create these poems
these columns
I move you to grater heights of love,
passion and determination
to make right what has been
wrong for far too long-

Accomplishing my own goals
to penetrate souls.
Gifts of spoken words
words that make you laugh or cry
yet healed from the outside.

I need to know I've entered you
challenged you
to be better, do more
and make a difference.

Awaken your obligation
to bring unto fruition
your own purpose-

Tell me, because it inspires me
to know that I inspire you
so humbly I ask
Do I

(C)copyright logicalpoetist July 24,2009

This work inspired by my ONE...
thank you baby for letting me know that you look forward to reading my expressions every day. It truly encourages me continue doing what I love..
Thank you