Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Familiar place Amazing Grace...

Moving often means staying still for the time being. It can also be a sign that you are moving on when you find yourself back in a familiar place. Often we will ask God to please just get us out of here (current place, job or other particular environment.
We may feel like he is not listening because we can see no way out. Perhaps it is bad timing. The kids education and schooling would be interrupted. Maybe the finances available are not sufficient to make the relocation. Ever stop to think that the delay is simply your higher power (whatever you believe in)God just working out your request? Remember, the world was not created in a day.

Greatness is carefully crafted. Do you believe that you are so important that your
(higher power)God wants you to have everything that you want? It's true. Here is a quote borrowed from one of my favorite literary works;
"We have come to understand that God's will for us is our own true will for ourselves."

As human beings we are subjected by our emotions. Looking only at what we can see... The situation as it appears. What would happen if we just believed that when things look impossible and God seems to not be listening that we Trusted him anyway? I know what would happen, do you? see God thrives on Faith. Not just faith but, faith in him. When he knows that we trust and believe in him from our hearts; He is committed to us. He is obligated to fulfill his promises. God's word is not void!

If you ask you will receive but ONLY by believing... Seek God first and all other things shall be added. God is deserving of us seeking him, living for him and loving him. He went to the cross for you. If you've never thought it over then please do. Imagine the scene....

Here you are in a compromising position with a gunman and your best friend. The gunman targets you to harm and possibly kill.
Your best friend steps forward and says No! Take my life instead. Your friend tells the gunman reasons why it should be him/her instead of you. The gunman says very well then.
He begins to "pistol whip" your best friend in the head. He then picks up a large stick and begins beating your friend all over his/her body. Blood is everywhere.

Your friend is beaten so badly that, he/she stops speaking... His/her Limbs are bent in every direction, they're barely breathing and is now completely unrecognizable.
The gunman then draws his pistol toward the back of your best friends head and BANG! He fires. Your friend is now dead.

This is what Jesus did for you... Except his entire death was slow torture.
He was not fortunate enough to be taken out by a single gunshot. He was beaten and beaten and beaten until he just took his last breath..
Do you think that after all that God is worthy to be trusted?

If the desires of our hearts are not dressed in garments of urgency often we resort to doubting God. Some even slander him! Asking "where are you when I need you"... Some even try to make things happen despite all the obvious obstacles.

When it does not work out exactly how you've planned you further blame God.
However if you believe that your (higher power) God, has your best interest at heart then "waited patiently upon the Lord". You would activate a blessing so much more than you could possibly understand.

God does things BIG! His plan is always bigger than ours. He always knows what is before us far before we do.He knows the beginning and the end of each of our lives.

I am so comfortable trusting him now that, someone could say Najai, we called to tell you that you did not get the requested amount of your loan but we can extend you a small portion of what you've asked.

Immediately I may choose to feel defeated and overwhelmed. However I do not flinch. Suddenly my phone rings; and on the other end a random friend may call and say "I am going to GIVE you the rest of what you need... By the way.. "you need not pay me back.." It is a gift!
Now I have more than enough. In addition I do not have payment obligations to meet.

My attachment to what may have become stressful has been cancelled!If you have never tried to trust him just do it! Let him be the driver in your life.

It's not about religion. It is simply about believing in God. He let's us
know in his word what he wants.
CHRIST's request- "believe that "I am the son of man and have died for your sake" confess it this with thine tongue.Despite what churches may tell you or make it seem... God says "come as you are."
This simply means come to him with just your desire to know him.

If you find that you have gone back to an old familiar place then don't feel that you have failed. Maybe you have lived in Ohio most your life but, have spent the last 5 years in Florida. Currently you desire to make a new move but by default you end up back in Ohio.

Asking your self, "why am I back here?" "I hate it here!" You just cannot fathom the point of ending back in this place and you feel outright angry about it.
A year goes by and you decided six months ago to accept, that you must be back in Ohio for a reason. Therefore over the past six months you have realigned your attitude and decided "Let me make the best of it."

This new attitude of acceptance is actually you coming to trust that you must be there for a reason and is now evident of your reliance upon (your higher power)God and whatever he has in store for you.

Your 90 year old uncle passes away and leaves a will that names you as beneficiary to his estate valued at 6.5 million dollars. Turns out that he favored you more than his other children because for the last year since, moving back to Ohio you visited him 2hours a day 3 times a week and that improved the quality of his life. In fact your presence made such a difference. He decided since his own children put him in a nursing home and never visited or called; Leaving the Nursing staff to care for him and call his family once he dies that, he would rather give you 100 percent of his estate.
Bet you never saw that coming!!! well... God did. Do not gripe today about a tomorrow that you are only blessed by his grace to see. Tomorrow was never promised.

If you choose to trust God allowing him to steer and direct your ride without complaining; I promise you that you shall be rewarded.
You only need to be determined not to try and drive. Believe that (your higher power) God is worthy of trust, faith and love and show him the evidence this within your heart... He will show up and show out! Are you willing?

Sometimes we are back in a familiar place to to recieve the GIFT of God's amazing grace-

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 22, 2009