Saturday, July 18, 2009

He Did Not Complain

She started telling me
her expectation
soon undergoing
another operation

she's already had
three surgeries
My friend...
"I am scared"
She said to me

Not to negate her feelings
they're real and important to her.
Listening closely letting her say
all that she needed to.

As she is speaking,
I am thinking
how do I encourage her heart?
Reliant upon my own faith
My own depenendence upon God.

When she finished talking
I asked- Do you believe in him?
Speaking very swiftly
she answers.. Yes I do.

responding very boldly
I asked then why do you
travel in fears shoes?

My friend told me
of how she prays and prays
frustration passionately
racing from her voice
now shouting she exclaims
"still I have buy,bad days

Firmly she states
that she does not understand
Where God is in her life
why her life appears so bland

Explaining to her as best I could
It's not about you praying good

May I encourage a faith increase
from the epitome of you heart
you must release
tell him that you believe

Say aloud Lord,
only you can remove me
from this wretchet place
remake my life
with style and grace

pick me up from off the ground
Give me peace so I
sleep safe and sound

More and more my passion grew
feeling my dialogue breaking through

Pray my sister yes do pray
DO NOT however leave out faith

It is impossible to please God without...
He's canceled fear, removed your doubt
The only way you will feel alone
is if you relieve him of His throne

children of God shall we always be
sons and daughters of The king
It really is not complicated
Your heart your soul
Jesus, God.. Are
all intergrated

Believe and confess
from thine mouth
Jesus came
died for you and
he did not pout

bearing stakes unto his
hands and feet
Why do you complain of
foolish things!

Thank Him, thank Him
all the time
Although things may not
seem right
don't you whine
Envision your life
With your Spiritual sight

Pray, pray and never stop
keep faith inside your heart
Without faith you make it hard
but with it you will surely
please God-


Remember ; Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:01

By faith we understand that the world is framed by the word of God so, the things which are seen are not made by the things which are visible.

Hebrews 11:3

(C)copyright logicalpoetist July 2009