Friday, July 17, 2009


This is a day that we have been fortunate to see. Many all across the world did not awaken this morning. Some lay undiscovered, yet asleep forever because they lived alone.
Another heading to work got into a car accident, collided and died.
someone else just awoke suffering a stroke or, was whirlwinded during night into a coma..

There are Many who despite these examples, awoke using expletives to describe their disappointment at something as innocent as the weather. Several of these folks will find buried within their cursing,justifications not to go into work or, to cancel the days plans.

Why is it that RAIN can generate such motivation to procrastinate? Did not GOD send the RAIN? Just as he sends the sun, Moon and stars.

Has anyone out there ever stepped out into the rain, letting it fall down upon them?
There is a certain freeing feeling about it.

Have you ever just pulled a chair out to the door front during the RAIN and just shut your eyes and listened. The sound of the rain wraps itself around your breathing. "Just thinking about that is soothing."

My fondest memory of RAIN is of my best friend and I being in the pool in her backyard. We we're about nine years old. Suddenly it began to down poor heavily. The drops were so big that, they felt life soft,jelly pops hitting the top of our heads.

Prompted by her mama we had to leave the pool but, we had been having so much fun that we did not want to go inside. Instead what we did was run around the thickly grassed yard playing with her dog while the rain just poured down on us! The smell of the freshly cut, rich green grass is so vivid in my mind. Throwing Frisbie and ball until we worked up an appetite.

Yes we loved the RAIN. It always confused me as a child and even today when,someone responds to RAIN as though it is a bad habit. Saying things like "UGH!"What an awful day!"As an adult I have parked and listened to the RAIN splatting atop the car roof while completing a paper, a project for business or created a materpiece of poetic word.

Sharing the rains beat with the rythm of smooth Jazz while, leaned back in my car seat. Allowing my mind to simply relax and slow down the days race. At times drifting into a much needed nap..

Yes, RAIN is be beautiful. It is all in how you choose to see it. Even if you were taught to dismiss RAIN as as dreary, or too much to deal with. To call off the days plans or see it as a reason to skip class or work is unacceptable., you do hold the power of change.

Someone once told me if something is gone wrong; as long as we have life
-we can still make it right.
I always teach that life is about choices. We choose the way we think, we choose the way we respond. Challenge your old thinking to become better thinking and you can come face to face with your best responses.

Ultimately, you are rewarding yourself with some of your best experiences!The Greatest thing about the RAIN is that it inspires the soul to say "peace be still" not soul be stiff!If it rains in your City today grab hold the opportunity to appreciate the RAIN. For the reason that RAIN is sent is because the universe appreciates you.

God Bless you and have a WONDERFUL DAY IN THE RAIN-

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009