Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nanas & Grandmas Gone

Heavy heart
held inside a pain
extended out
gentle loving words No More
now a scream or shout

grandma and nana
did it differently
carrying their own
style and grace

Hands that bathed you
prayers that saved you
tied your hair,
bundled you up
took you place to place

children now...
Sad for them
their nanas their grandmas
are so very so young
Not taking the time
to teach their babes
Not even trying
to watch their tongue

These precious children
what will they do
when faced with tough choices
as we know they will

Having not taken time
to show them life
beyond a window sill

Nana and grandma
made hot meals
early in the morn
ready all for a belly full
awake since crack of dawn

Prayers said
teeth brushed

so when called
to the table
we all rushed

ready for hot
cooked food
and to be sure
we had structure
Nana and grandma
sat with us too

A set of four
deep eyes lurking
our every move

Table manners
must be obeyed
better be watching what you do

Sunday morning
no time to play
eat up, get ready
for Sunday school.

To the Church house
we head to hear
the praecher preach

messages consistant
with what nana and grandma teach

Do unto others
what you wish them
to do unto you
don't steal,or
fill your mouth
with lies,
always tell the truth

Nana and grandmas of today
where has your courageous spirit gone
To stand firm and show loving examples
while teaching right from wrong

It's not right that you curse at the children
and expect they understand
What happened to tanning that backside
with a gentle loving hand

Nana and grandma
just because your young
and do not look your age
does not negate responsibility
for you to set the stage

wish every one
could have the elders
I was blessed to have
in my life
being strong examples
of grandmothers
while being
an awesome wife

Pray, pray for the young
pray, pray we must
for the elders too
Somehow everyone
is all off course
the children
they are just lost
not knowing what to do

On streets is where
their seeking love
no more backyards
with swings
No more gardens
filled with tomatoes
ears of corn, sweet yams
or green beans

Nana and grandama
in this day and time
not focused on a mortgage
not trying to save a dime
Who will pay for college

where shall the children go
Nanas and grandmas
Stand up and please...
take back your role

Grace responsibilty back
into your hands.
Save our children
your children
most children
have all seem
to have lost hope-

(C)copyright logicalpoetist July 2009