Monday, July 6, 2009


There is a time when Spirit meets Soul. We all come to a place within time when our spirit demands accountability to our place of peace, Love and light.
Some that achieve this "higher level" via religion and many through spirituality or other non-religious experiences.

It is that deep feeling of dis-satisfaction with ones lingering aimlessly within this great universe. For those who have experienced this it is an experience short of nothing less than AMAZING.
We all have an "inner voice" that speaks to us. It is the feeling that one has in the epitome of their belly when something simply is not right. When the spirit and soul of a man are not in alignment with the Universe/GOD then they begin to feel a desire to reach for fulfillment. NO ONE leaves planet earth without the beckoning of this call for "Higher Living".

If there is a whole hearted adherance to it then, one will encounter something that is uniquely tailored to the individual that answers.

There are no specific instructions and everyone will have their own time of appointment; An invitation mandated by their own development.

For those that have come face to face with their divine self-
"If you in fact find that somehow you have wondered off your path." Let me encourage that you can always re-direct your feet. You know the steps back to your RIGHTFUL PLACE. Perhaps to the next level of your place. Once you've made the connection, it is never truly lost. Human beings lose focus but never sight as it pertains to spirit.

This reconnection if dwindled is necessary. Life is simply a time given to man/woman to achieve the highest place possible before time is up. It is absolutely nothing to do with material gain- If wasted then we have failed ourselves WILLINGLY...Each day is an opportunity to seek the achievment of GREATNESS! If a soul has an undefined spirit then it is a vacant soul and posseses no power to make a difference.

Every human being has the ability to meet their own divinity and make a profound impact upon the world. If something within you is dis-satisfied then your soul is seeking spiritual satisfaction.

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009