Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No need to look no more
he has opened up the door
your journey be sure entails
an end that is forever more
eternity that is
the business he's in
it's simple
follow him you win
don't just bathe in sin
seek refuge in the bosom of him
let him guide your steps
make you reach depths
never foreseen for you
how will you hold
the pounds of gold
he has in his plans
use your hands
to build his kingdom
and your kingdom
will come
in your building
be of a serving mind
smile and have fun
while giving remember
to keep your mind
steadfast on his ways
remember that his ways
are not your ways
his thoughts
not your thoughts
his eyes are watching
your heart
use it to utter your request
of his holiness
stay faithful in your request
you shall be blessed
rebuke all temptations
the sensations of Christ
lack euphoria
his promises
will set you to walk
on water
he wants to take you higher
he is the Messiah
the alpha of the omega
the omega of the alpha
who else has finished
before they started
if you know one like him
produce him
I thought not
Jesus is all that!

(C) logicalpoetist December 2009

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