Friday, December 18, 2009


shall the shadows
come by night alone
to bring a soul
unto it's throne

cast a white cloud
of light be shown
the solo way to home

Gentle whispers
harmonica her ear
time to take her flight

love remains
residing hearts sustain
Do we not understand
the thieving shadow of night

so is life a period of time
variable and interval
must partake in the feast
death a sector of life
here once... now deceased

Is also death
life give unto love
death give unto grief
be faithful
Do go on
rooted like a tree

Be sure to pursue
it is by atteding
to the quality of life
that make a life...
deserving of eternity
resting... knowing
we all shall meet again

partake of this life
carry out the faith
for Christ's children
there is no true end

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
ascending into light
gentle whispers
harmonica her ear
time to take her flight


(C)logicalpoetist December 18,2009

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