Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the wind...

Extending my hand
and heart to you
I call you my friend
How does that happen
with such truth
such distance
in the wind
Time's gone by
events happening
from all ends
we share as much
as time allows
in the distance
of the wind
I trust the sun
to warm you
trusting God
to keep you
safe and sound
Believing in him
for deliverence
from anything
that attempts
to bring you down
Wherever we go
when ever we meet
if ever,or never
our souls blend
my prayer is that
you always know
I am grateful for
our friendships growth
in the distance of the wind

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


shedding soul
evidence physical masses
everything from hair loss to glasses
In the cup is a thick of Molasses

still it runneth over
Watching and feeling
the slow out pour
of my destiny
This sticky journey-

Lifting swollen feet high
trying not to create a mess
Gods spoken word grafitis on a chest
weight carried within ones breast
Least follow the words that I write
Courageously stay

willing to fight the foe
Is it dark or really dawn
does anyone really know
close to my break thru
continue to carry on

The pastor preaches your right there
his penetrating words
child don't be overtaken by fear
A little more hope a little more time
sublime is my energy within selected time
Persevering, mind made up
Going to get to the other side-

Blindly trusting my ride...

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What is the impossible to find answer, to the unanswered questions?
Is it variable in its value once found, if ever be found as such variety of choices
Shall exist in sequence containing a count from zero to instance and a moment will pass...

Faster than light yet breath taking with power. Infinite power unsolved by thought satisfied only by process
therefore determining one thing that process defeats time and time cannot be clocked
I hope you're not lost. Are you tossing this all round in your mind? The more one tries to define the deeper and more entwined they will be come. Again the sum is unresolved so what makes you think you can resolve the universal code
That nobody knows but will unfold. Manifestation will happen just expect it but don't count days; nor measure mileage.. It will not produce leverage of a more expeditious arrival;that's why its considered travel...

Speeding is not allowed... There are set limits that going too fast may detain, delay, or possibly alter the divine plan. Not good... It's already been written not to prove smitten just following direction not instruction. No distinction no detracting; Avoid retracting... Whole action, not a fraction. Be still, be patient wait... stay faithful... faithful stay...

(C) logicalpoetist December 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009


shall the shadows
come by night alone
to bring a soul
unto it's throne

cast a white cloud
of light be shown
the solo way to home

Gentle whispers
harmonica her ear
time to take her flight

love remains
residing hearts sustain
Do we not understand
the thieving shadow of night

so is life a period of time
variable and interval
must partake in the feast
death a sector of life
here once... now deceased

Is also death
life give unto love
death give unto grief
be faithful
Do go on
rooted like a tree

Be sure to pursue
it is by atteding
to the quality of life
that make a life...
deserving of eternity
resting... knowing
we all shall meet again

partake of this life
carry out the faith
for Christ's children
there is no true end

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
ascending into light
gentle whispers
harmonica her ear
time to take her flight


(C)logicalpoetist December 18,2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recycle of Source

A dream a real dream is something that you've invisioned for a lifetime. It is the prophetic strength of imagination that influences the spirit to do.
Ones real dream is a physical manifestation of the prophecy playing out in a mental pictoral.
The vision of whatever it is for an individual may start as early as birth and may play as infinitively in ones mind during ones lifetime. Unfortunately if the vision is not persued the individual leaves there vision to the mercy of death.

Often we cannot seem to tap into the right resources to make our vision physical. The reason for this is that perhaps what we see as resourceful is just a mere distraction. Perhaps it is an actual hindurance. Perhaps he that gives us our vision has not included this resource as a part of the divine plan. Such manifestation is exclusive therefore. Not inclusive of what one may want. Remember the plan has already been written. You are not the writer nor illustrator just the vessel of view.

Your vision is yours alone and no one can see it but you and your creator.
We must come to realize that our creator is our source therefore we don't need a resource.

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009


It is the toughest of times that present yet the most opportunity to exercise Self-control. When life seems to cast a never ending shadow of fear, doubt, and insecurity recognize that this is a pre-antidote to our hearts true desire. I have learned that feelings are not facts. They are just feelings.

Thoughts contribute much to the taunting emotions during our times of trial and tribulation. If we ponder a situation too much it can lead to some major problems and complicate that which is simply a process that we must go through to get to the success that we desire.

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No need to look no more
he has opened up the door
your journey be sure entails
an end that is forever more
eternity that is
the business he's in
it's simple
follow him you win
don't just bathe in sin
seek refuge in the bosom of him
let him guide your steps
make you reach depths
never foreseen for you
how will you hold
the pounds of gold
he has in his plans
use your hands
to build his kingdom
and your kingdom
will come
in your building
be of a serving mind
smile and have fun
while giving remember
to keep your mind
steadfast on his ways
remember that his ways
are not your ways
his thoughts
not your thoughts
his eyes are watching
your heart
use it to utter your request
of his holiness
stay faithful in your request
you shall be blessed
rebuke all temptations
the sensations of Christ
lack euphoria
his promises
will set you to walk
on water
he wants to take you higher
he is the Messiah
the alpha of the omega
the omega of the alpha
who else has finished
before they started
if you know one like him
produce him
I thought not
Jesus is all that!

(C) logicalpoetist December 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Bones

Whispers coming from somewhere... "Psssst... Psssst...
Excuse me sister do you have a few dollars that you could spare?" This well dressed beautiful sister that appeared to have it all together on the exterior beckoned me.

My name is Fawn... When I looked at her face. I knew her. Forgetting that she'd asked me for money; I began expressing excitement. I had not seen her for about fifteen years. As I reached out to hug her she reached back and held me so tight as though she was thirsty to feel anothers arms wrapped around her soul. As we embraced she said sis, it is so good to see you. I am so tired.

Her name is Star... I asked her what was going on? She did not hesitate in her admittance to using drugs. She told me that the doctors recently quoted her six months or less to live as a result of living the past several years with AIDS. Star's condition was no secret. She had been open about her diagnosis for many years. I asked her what was different today and reminded her that she has always known of her possible death. She said I guess knowing that she has reached the end of her time is the difference.

My word's to Star were that "My sister, you are putting too much faith in your disease despite that God has kept you living and looking well all these years. I told her that the doctor can only assume her life's completion. "God be the giver and taker of life." I held her hand tight as I gave her my words. As we continued talking, I explained to her that despite her circumstances she is indeed, special to God. "He Loves you Star.."

Then, I asked her a very important question. 'If God has kept you twenty four years living and looking well with your disease, why would you volunteer to assist the enemy in killing herself?"

I told her that if this is her mission then I could not contribute to such a thing. I explained that God has been good to me so that I will not have a hand in helping her to throw
God's GIFT of life back into his face... I could not give her any money to buy drugs.

I do not know if my words meant anything. I do not know if my refusal to give her money angered her. What I do know is that; to be granted the gift of recovery from active addiction, and to be given twenty-four years of flawless beauty despite having such a horrible disease like AIDS is a Gift from God. This alone is enough for any "busy body" to reconsider there thoughts of returning to the slavery of addiction...

When Star realized how adamant I was, she did what any addict who is determined to use does. She kept it moving. I made my way to my car and I sat for a while praising and thanking God for his mercy & grace upon my own life. Thanking him that, I Fawn choose to appreciate his gift of life and choose to be a bellower of his word.. I also prayed for Star.

(C) logicalpoetist December 1, 2009