Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Do You Have To Lose

We all should strive for faith in our vision. If you see something in your mind; or if you are thinking constantly about something it is for a reason. I can tell you that when you sit around thinking that your dream is impossible. Surely,it will come true.

I love the question; "What do you have to lose?" I love the answer even more. The answer is; Nothing.... "Absolutely nothing!"

Research is an important part of pursuing a dream. Sometimes a dream looks and feels impossible because we are viewing within a scope or range determined by our eyes. One of the greatest gifts we have is technology. Particularly the Internet. If you do not own a computer. Utilize your local library. In most states computers are available there, and free to use. Another suggestion is, an Internet cafe such as Starbucks.

If you don't know where either of these are ask someone. If not comfortable navigating on a computer then ask for help!

In other words, make NO EXCUSES to not go after your dream.

On the Internet you can research the "what, when and how" to pursue your dream or vision. You will be surprised to know that once you make up your mind to do something, It can be achieved. Seeing it and putting it down on paper is what makes it more achievable. In a way it it like creating a map or road to your vision!

Follow that map... Research and write. This will motivate you.
You may find that you can purchase things for a lot less than you expected. You can even develope creative ways to get things donated in order to make your dream happen.

Some dreams may not involve buying anything. The point is to just take action!

The bottom line is that you will never get closer to your dream, if you stare at it from afar.
Best of blessings... See you at the high point of success!
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

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