Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silouette Faces

Image by Merlespar
Oh I can for you

tilt my head

drink your rushing words with eager lips

paint my mouth for you a vibrant red

trace your brows with shaking finger tips

you recite your list

of loves to me

As I laugh and marvel,

with rapturous eyes

you laugh back

can you ever see

the thousands of deaths

my heart has died

believing so well that I know my part

gay as morning

light as snow

yet all the taunting

things within my heart

you never try to know

oh I can for you be jolly

when we meet

as you tell fresh tales

of your adventuring

I am delicately discreet

in your ear whisper

songs pleased at your delight

wondering do you want all of me

raw and true

blind staring eyes of night

In search of novelty

you stray off

kiss you passionately as you go

what happens inside my heart

when you stray, these things

you will never, ever, know-

(C) logicalpoetist May 1995

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